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QuickBooks Premier

QuickBooks Premier

Businesses prefer using accounting tools to manage their finances & the technology is getting sophisticated with time. It is the same with the accounting business as professionals look to automate most of the tasks. QuickBooks Premier hosting is the best way to manage your accounts remotely and also allows the flexibility to collaborate on a platform from different time zones.

It is all about saving time & boosting productivity in 2021. Make sure that the right tools are used to simplify the accounting needs. QuickBooks Premier is targeted at accounting firms & CPAs looking to find a favorable solution for their accounting needs. This article is providing details related to QuickBooks Premier hosting for CPAs & accounting businesses.

Table of Contents

  • Features of QuickBooks Premier

  • Streamlining of Bank Feeds

  • Creation of Rule-Based Customer Groups

  • Automated Payment & Statement Reminders

  • Advanced Inventory

  • Customized Payment Receipts

  • Why Do Accountants Prefer QuickBooks Premier Hosting?

  • Conclusion

Accounting businesses with QuickBooks cloud hosting packages can conduct their operations & management activities using remote access devices. QuickBooks is allowing multiple user access to make the process attractive & result-oriented. Work on the specific files on a real-time basis and communicate with the team members effectively. Use the QuickBooks inventory system software to perform accounting-related tasks that are unique to the industry & provide a high degree of efficiency. The right kind of QuickBooks hosting provider needs to be selected to enable easy access to accounting files.

If you’re starting your accounting business then you’ll require smart accounting tools to automate the tasks. QuickBooks Premier is one of the top-rated accounting tools developed keeping in mind the accountant-centric needs. The right type of QuickBooks hosting provider will handle all the details related to cloud accounting so that the business can concentrate on principle tasks. You need the right kind of tool to kick start your business & QuickBooks Premier has all the qualities of hassle-free accounting.

Features of QuickBooks Premier

QuickBooks Premier is tailored for the accounting business & CPAs can use the tool most effectively to address the concern of businesses. The software is getting updated on a regular basis & Intuit ensures that the tool becomes stronger with time. Some of the top features of the QuickBooks software include bank feeds, receipt entry based on categories, smart invoicing, automatic generation of statements, and more. The right kind of software hosting will lead the business to effective management of the software.

Streamlining of Bank Feeds

It is a feature that is meant to save a lot of time for accountants in entering the bank transactions manually. This will save time & the business is able to automatically categorize the bank transactions by using enhanced rules & improved matching. Use payee and accounts to import bank feeds faster automatic categorization of your bank transactions. It also increases the data integrity and ensures less manual entry.

The accountants can gain efficiency with the use of enhanced rules and it allows the quick search of the feed as per the categories. It also leads to quick reviews & resolution of transaction problems.

Creation of Rule-Based Customer Groups

Managing the customer group is one of the vital tasks and accountants look for advanced tools that can help to manage the groups smartly. Businesses can create rule-based customer groups on the tool on fields like status, location, customer type, balance, & more. Different categories of customers can be managed at one time and used across different platforms.

QuickBooks Premier is allowing the addition & removal of customers from the group to enhance the customer management process & instill the right kind of communication. The creation of customer groups assists businesses to stay organized and helps to get insight into customer details in a quick time.

Automated Payment & Statement Reminders

Generating the right kind of payment & statement reminders has become easy for accounting firms. Are you looking for a tool that can remind the customers of timely payments? This is the best tool that generates automated reminders through emails, meant for various customer needs. Send reminders along with payment links to encourage customers to make the payment on an instant basis.

It is the kind of feature in QuickBooks that is proving to be a time-saver by automating recurring statements to different customer groups. Get paid faster with regular reminders & stay on top of the outgoing statement by reviewing them at the outset. The customized reminders are meant to keep the business healthy and reduce the need to follow up delayed payments.

Advanced Inventory

It is an attractive feature available with QuickBooks Premier & builds up on all the other versions of advanced inventory. Streamline the inventory management with the help of features like data level permissions, improved calculations, barcode label prices, & vendor reporting. Limit access to specific data by improving security & confidentiality. Also, enhance the delegation of user permissions to result in increased productivity.

Use the Item and Inventory valuation summary to generate reports like Inventory Stock Status. Accounting businesses can also save time to grant granular permissions and customize the user access to view, edit, or delete the customer-specific data. Also, provide the right pricing details on each inventory item to improve the customer’s shopping experience.

Customized Payment Receipts

The customization of payment receipts is helping the business to have a consistent & professional look across all customer communication. The customized payment receipt is meant to add the necessary details needed to make the receipts transparent. You can send a detailed and customized payment receipt to customers with all the relevant details in it. Also, the customization can be used on similar existing forms and it is easy to set a default template for payment receipts.

Why Do Accountants Prefer QuickBooks Premier Hosting?

QuickBooks Premier has attractive features and functionalities to address the concern of accounting firms. A lot of tasks & activities can be automated by the accounting firms as per the need. The software has all things needed by the CPAs to work on financial management and cut down on costs. It also has a user-friendly interface that allows easy management of the accounting files. The addition of cloud and the QuickBooks functions has resulted in benefits for the accounting firms.

Top reasons as to why businesses prefer QuickBooks Premier 

  • It provides remote access to the accounts. CPAs can now access the account any time using their everyday devices. You need an active internet connection to access the cloud & secure login credentials. The accountants can work from anywhere & do not have to rely on office systems to access the data.
  • It is compatible with all kinds of devices. The QuickBooks Premier hosted account can be configured with local systems & mobile devices to access the account anytime. When you’re at home or on vacation, you can access the details on the QuickBooks account & make the necessary edits. The only thing needed is stable internet connectivity.
  • It ensures easy documentation. When the business is working on Excel sheets or document-rated tools, they understand the effort & time needed to manage the files. QuickBooks Premier on the cloud is ensuring easy management of documents & one can the files after easy login into the account.
  • It provides the right kind of privacy & security to the accounting data. The cloud is eliminating the need to store data on the local or physical server. The data is stored in the remote data centers with the help of cloud accounting. Accounting data on the cloud is safe from all kinds of natural disasters and threats. Data centers are kept protected in all possible ways keeping in mind the strong security standard.
  • Accounting firms get the right kind of technical support for the accounts. Businesses face different kinds of technical issues while working on the software. The cloud hosting provider is ensuring 24/7 support for the QuickBooks Premier account. Resolve the account-related queries in a quick time by contacting the technical experts.


QuickBooks Premier is one of the most trusted tools for handling accounting operations. It has all the latest features that can be expected from the modern-day financing tool. Intuit is updating the QuickBooks platform every year with the latest features that contribute to the success of the accounting business. Reach out to the right kind of QuickBooks hosting provider that can help you transfer all the business data to the QuickBooks cloud.

QuickBooks Premier is the accounting tool that is helping businesses create bills for their clients & also remind them of the payment dates. Keep your accounting business on track by hosting the QuickBooks Premier on the cloud. Adapt to the new technology to make the accounting simple for the businesses & thus help them focus on other aspects of the business.

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