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MJH Accountancy runs a London based payroll provider bureau for our clients. Our latest payroll software enables usto conduct your payroll as trouble-free as possible. We run these services which we run for both our Irish and UK clients. Our highly qualified accountants and payroll experts are actively providing their services across the country.

MJA Accountancy Payroll processes calculations, Payroll Tax Statements, Yearly taxes, etc., and ensures that your employees and taxes are paid properly and on time. We help our clients meet filing deadlines and deposit requirements along with streamline business operations.

Our Payroll service is not only limited to the basic payroll calculations, we take care of deposits and withdrawals, withholding and payment garnishments, and new hire reporting as well. We can also help you in integrating time and attendance and benefits administration, if required. We also account for shifts, over-times, holidays, taxes, etc.

How frequently Payroll is required to be run?

The Payroll processing frequency depends on how long your workers can go between payments and what your competitors are offering. London-based Payroll systemic carried out weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, or even annually so there are no timing issues. The more time between running payroll, the less admin required.

Method of calculating PAYE and Employers Taxes?

We have a special payroll software which calculates the PAYE that needs to be deducted from the gross pay of your workers. Employers and Employees NI and pension contributions will also be calculated.

Payroll Services at MJA Accountancy

​The motive of our Payroll service is to make it as easy and comfortable as possible for you. Once we get the details of your company and your employees (credits in Ireland and tax code in the UK), your business or company will get set up on our software. We run your company payroll using gross pay for salaried employees and weekly and for hourly employees we use monthly time-sheet summaries.

  • Generating pay-slips and send them directly to employees via email.
  • We provide national insurance / PRSI, Administration of PAYE statutory sick Administration of PAYE and maternity pay, etc.
  • Completion of HMRC / profit returns including. For Irish customers, we will offer these to Revenue once payroll is started in line with PAYE Modernisation. We will complete year-end returns for HMRC in case of the UK customers and also give employee’s year-end summary reports (P60).
  • For a limited company contractor, we can help you with assessing your exposure with IR35. More information about the contractor services is available on our contractor’s page. You can visit that page for further information on this topic.
  • We administer the pension schemes of your employees.
  • We conduct the Administration of incentive schemes, dividends,gifts, and ex-gratia and termination payments for employees.

We maintain the confidentiality of all the payroll services provided to you. You are free to contact us for further discussion on Payroll Services. There is no issue of time and size of the payrolls and our prices are highly competitive across the board.

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