Money market is where financial instruments are highlighted with high liquidity and short on the maturities which are traded. It is used by the participants as the means of lending and borrowing in the short term, with the maturities which generally ranges from overnight to just under the year. Among the commonest money market are mentioned as Eurodollar deposits, negotiable certificates for deposits, treasury bills, municipal notes, repurchase agreements and federal funds. The transactions with regards to money market are wholesale, which means that they are for the larger domination and can take place between companies and financial institutions rather than the individuals.

It offers the individual with the opportunity to invest smaller amounts in their assets. Institutes which participates in the money markets are banks which lend to one another and to the larger companies in the euro-currency and time deposits in markets. Commercial paper is popular borrowing mechanism due to which it is exempted from SEC requirements of registration. Get latest updates on money markets and invest your money smartly.

Avoiding Scams While Shopping Online

Online Shopping Scams As the coronavirus pandemic wears on, one thing people have been doing a lot more often is shopping online. In some cases, it’s to generally avoid going

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Everything You Need to Know About Moneyfy

Moneyfy When it comes to making investments we often get stressed with questions like: where to invest, when to invest, how to begin an investment, and so on. Moneyfy, launched

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Spend Safe – Debit Card & Money Management For Kids

Introduction The reason why most of the adults don’t do well in life in terms of financial management is because the management of money is commonly taught to us at

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How to Make Money Through Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing Affiliate marketing is an appealing method of earning passive money where you need to endorse various products and services of a specific company or individual and make a

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Factors to Consider Before Start Investing Your Money

Investing Decisions Undeniably, investment is always a crucial thing that every person needs to go through in their life. People are in search of the best investment option which gives

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6 Ways to Save Money and Plan Your Financial Future

Ways to Save Money Whether you have lots of disposable income or find there isn’t enough money at the end of the month, it’s always a good idea to save

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How to Make Money Online Right Now

Earn Money Online Earning online has been a very innovative and popular way for a long time now. Work from home, commonly known as freelancing, is another method by which

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Exploring The Top 7 Money Management Tricks in 2020

Money Saving Tips The pandemic has changed our money habits. So far in 2020 is it safe so that we have partially adopted the new normal into our lives. We

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7 Ways Online Money Transfer Benefits Your Business

Online Fund Transfer In this era of globalization, the internet makes life much more bearable. You can utilize the e-commerce services to fetch absolutely anything. From cheap shopping to mouth-watering

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7 Unexpected Ways COVID 19 Has Transformed Millennials Spending Habits

COVID-19 Changed Millennials Spending Habits Millennials have seen the 2008-2009 recession which is why they know how it feels like to be in a recession. That is why they are

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