Time plays a crucial role while planning for the tax savings. In case if you have still not opted for the tax planning for the current financial, then it’s the right time to move ahead. Please take your steps forward for your savings. You should have the knowledge with regards to income tax, due to which you could get benefits. You should be aware about what kind of investment and expenses which you make are going to be subjected to income tax.  If you are having the sound knowledge which regards to the numerous sections, then it could be beneficial for an individual as well as companies.

Over here you would be presented with the appropriate information with regards to savings. There are wide ranges of categories which are mentioned, as Section 80C (under this section the amount limit is 1,50,000). In simple terms, one could claim a deduction of almost Rs. 1,50,000 from total taxable income under specific section. Read here helpful articles related tax savings and deductions which can help you to save money.

7 Smart Ways To Save Tax Without Making Any Investment

Every year, while filing the income tax return, you need to look for ways to save on taxes. Saving tax is one of the smartest financial moves you can make. Because not only do you […]

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How Term Insurance Can Help you Save Taxes?

Introduction You are in your growing thirties, enjoying yourself with your family and having a balanced life. But, one fine day, you find that you have blood cancer. How hard would it hit you thinking […]

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Does Investing in Mutual Funds Help in Tax Saving?

Tax saving is an important part of an individual’s financial planning. If you wisely plan your taxes, you can end up saving a good amount of money from your hard-earned annual income. In this article, […]

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Best 13 Tax Saving Tips for Entrepreneurs

Tax Saving Tips Sadly, the COVID-19 pandemic has adversely impacted the health of so many individuals around the world.  Due to the Coronavirus, millions of people have become unemployed.  No matter whether a person was […]

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Health Insurance Tax Benefits – Deduction Under Section 80D

Section 80D- Tax Savings on Health Insurance Nowadays, it is common for families to opt for all kinds of insurances. The fact that it gives a kind of assurance to the people that even if they […]

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Looking to Save Tax on House Rent Allowance?

Tax Savings on HRA There are various avenues from the government to save tax on the income. The deductions allowed are on investments in instruments allowed in Section 80C, Section 80CCC, and Section 80CCD. For […]

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11 Useful Income Tax Deductions for 2017-18

Tax Saving Options in 2017-18 Knowledge about income tax deductions is not only helpful for individuals but also for Companies, Individual firms and a Hindu United Family (HUF). You would need to know what kinds […]

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Tax-Saving Tips for Buying and Selling a Property

A house is a necessity for every human being.  We strive endless, to achieve the goal for ourselves, by making savings regularly, by taking home loans, and through other means. Fortunately, the government realizes the […]

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