It is regarded as an item or asset which is purchased with the hope that it is going to generate income or is going to appreciate in future. In an economic sense, an investment is considered as purchasing of the goods which are not getting consumed today but are used in future for creating wealth. In finance, it is an investment with monetary part purchased with an idea that the asset is going to provide income in future or is going to be sold on the higher price to gain profit. It could be used for the mechanism of purpose of generating income. In the financial sense, it is going to include the financial bonds, real estate properties and stocks.  The investment with regards to development of new goods could be also considered as one of the investment. Read here news and articles to get latest updates on investment options.

Factors to Consider Before Start Investing Your Money

Investing Decisions Undeniably, investment is always a crucial thing that every person needs to go through in their life. People are in search of the best investment option which gives

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How to Invest in Startups and the Factor to Consider

Startup Investment Criteria Looking to invest in startups and generate lucrative returns? Well, everyone wants a lucrative return on money, but the real question is how to do it. If

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Investment is Basically Just Planting. Here’s How.

Investment Tips Mother nature teaches us how patience and persistence works; and it is quite similar to investments. Planting starts on a basic level. To reach a final and promising

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The Pros & Cons of Investing in Gold- Gold Investment

GOLD INVESTMENT Common forms of investment include investing in stocks or purchasing real estate. However, one obscure method of investment is investing in gold. Gold investment is popular because of

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Upcoming IPO of 2020 – Find the list of Current IPOs & Upcoming IPOs in India

Overview of IPO Every company needs financing to start the business operations. Even after pumping in huge investments, the capital for which are raised from sources, the companies realize that

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Why the Buy-and-Hold Method of Investing Will Never Make You Wealthy

(Royalty free image:, Credit: Unsplash / collega) Buy and Hold Strategy The following is adapted from The Tao of Trading. Few financial myths are as deeply entrenched in the

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Why are Post Office Savings Account Better than bank’s Savings ?

Post Office vs Bank Savings While researching the interest rates of the bank’s savings account, I discovered the power of the post office savings account scheme and I hesitated to

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4 Criteria for Assessing the Diversification of Your Investments

Diversification Diversification is one of the most important safeguards for amateur investors, but many don’t understand how to do it effectively. Diversification is not a simple matter of taking several

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Upstox Pro Web 3.0 – Introducing New Upgrades Reviewed

Upstox Pro Web 3.0 is an excellent and advanced feature-based trading platform. It is the first and foremost web browsing trading platform that enables traders to trade securities online. It’s

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EPF vs PPF – Which Investment Scheme Is Better For Saving Money?

EPF vs PPF Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) is a compulsory deduction in the salary of the employees working in companies registered under the EPF Act. The employer and employee contribute

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