Top Personal Finance Blogs in India 2018

Personal Finance Blogs India

Best Financial Blogs in India

We have gathered a list of Top 10 personal finance bloggers in 2018 here. These are the best and ultimate source to find the finance and investment source on the web. These finance blogs are sharing data related personal finance and guiding people for managing their money in a smart way. Follow this blog list to read their write-ups and share your views.

1. Jagoinvestor– The Company is founded in 2008 and the founder of this blog are Manish Chauhan and Nandish Desai. This blog’s aim has to educate investors about the financial planning and improve their financial life. They have been writing about personal finance tips and also have authorized various personal finance books.

2. Money Excel– This blog is owned by Raviraj and Shitanshu. The idea is behind to run this blog to help people in achieving their excellence for money management as Indian consumers are less aware about investment products and investment planning. They are writing things about personal finance, investment, financial planning, real estate, insurance and stock market.

3. Onemint– Most of you don’t know onemint started out as “Mint” a few year back, at that time it was not a website as per onemint’s owner. Onemint is a blog where they write the things about personal finance, technology and economics which helps people to make better decisions about their money.

4. Charted Club– This blog has been started by Karan Batra in 2011. Karan soon realized the common people have needed to educate about the personal finance and taxation system in India.  Users also can interact with CA’s through their Q&A platform and ask queries about their taxation and other financial issues.

5.– This blog is started by Sandeep Kanoi which provides deep knowledge and insights about the world of taxation.  With the help of Tax guru’s readers are able to keep themselves up-to-date about latest happenings in the field of taxations.  The website also provides free updates to charted accountants, tax professionals, cost accountants and account professional on Amendments in Income tax, company law, service tax, RBI, CMA regulation, laws labour , goods and service tax etc.,.

6.– It is launched In 2010 and formally called One India Money. This website aim has to provide knowledge their readers about the stock market, corporate and business news and mutual funds market. It also has a classroom session to help the investors about personal finance, taxes, PPF and banking. The best part about this website it has provided information about finance in many languages like, Hindi, English, Tamil, tegu etc.

7. Relakh– This website is established in 2014 and the owner of this blog is Sreekanth who is a Certified Financial Planner. He is also providing financial counseling, tax planning service and property consultancy services in Bangalore since 2009. Relakh is a personal finance blog which has aimed to present the information about financial and investment products in a simple and easy manner.

8.– Founded in 2011 and the owner of this website is Mr. Basavaraj Tonagatti. The main initiative of the website is to educate each individual in dealing with their financial life and making them well aware about their miss-selling or miss-buying in the finance market. This blog is covering and writing about insurance planning, investment planning, mutual funds, EPF and PPF, tax planning and real estate etc.

9.– This blog has been started by Suresh KP in 2011 who is belongs to Hyderabad. The main agenda of this blog has made money online and another purpose is sharing ideas for investment and saving tips for their users. There are lots of investment and savings options in the market but which is the best and can suit to the users they are telling you.

10.– This is a personal finance magazine, which is launched in 2006 and founded by Debashis Basu and Sucheta Dalal. These two persons have more than 60 years of understanding of business, regulatory, consumer and investor issues. It reports the facts, analysis and options about various financial and investment options. It is deeply researched the data on Gold, mutual funds, stock market, insurance market etc.

Here is the list according to that data which is available on the web, this data may have been some differ. For more information about these top financial bloggers visit their websites.


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  1. Great list of finance blogs for 2018, surely this list will help people to find their solution in finance and investment industry.

  2. Good list on finance blogs in India 2018, obviously this list can help everyone to find their solution in finance as well as investment industry. Thanks for sharing useful content and keep update more.

  3. A good listing of top personal finance blogs for 2018, Obviously this list can help people to find their solution in finance as well as investment industry. Thanks for sharing the useful list and keep post more.

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