Economy is regarded as the largest set of inter-related consumption and production activities which aids in determining that how scarce resources are allocated. It is also known as the Economic system.  It does encompasses activities which are related to consumption, trade of goods along with services and production. It does apply to every individual, corporates, Governments etc. The economy for the particular country or religion is governed with the cultures, Geography, history, laws, and some other factors. It evolves due to the requirement. The word Economy Greek and it refers to “house hold management”.  In Ancient Greece philosophers touched the base of economics, but modern study of economics began in 18th century in Europe, majorly France and Scotland.

Political economy was referred to as study of how people worked together for using the appropriate resources for the production. Further economics could be broken down into Macro and Micro economics. Here are economy related articles and news which can help you.

What Causes Inflation: Everything You Need to Know!

Have you ever wondered why things were always cheaper in the past?  For instance, a wallet that cost $5 when your parents were kids could be priced at $15 in today’s currency. As time passes, […]

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Global Opportunities in Japanese Equities – Analysis by Newmark Group

Japan has a global equity benchmark of 5.5% and is a growing economy contributing immensely to the global GDP. However, compared to the broad equity benchmark, Japan’s composition of the equity market is different. Following […]

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How to Undertake Financial Planning Measures in the Post-Covid Scenario to Supplement the Economy?

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in financial crises across the globe. If you closely monitor the international market, you will understand the volatility it has created. However, with the correct planning, you may beat the impact of […]

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What is API3 Coin? – The Web3 API Economy

Several blockchain networks have been created to make applications and programs possible. Accessing or using data is one of the major issues these blockchains are trying to solve, but they still don’t provide the proper […]

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4 Tips For Studying Applied Economics

Applied economics is an area of study that appeals to many people. It is easy to see why this is the case when you consider how applied economics can be used to launch a career […]

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How US Currency is Measured and it Changing the Economic Market?

The United States Dollar is one of the most volatile currencies on the planet. Do you know why? Especially after the Coronavirus pandemic, this volatility has risen to a great extent. The financial experts believe […]

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The Importance of Economic Calendar in Trading

Economic Calendar Trading is an activity where we indulge in the buying and selling of the stocks in a bid to book profits or realize gains within a short span of time. It is often […]

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Pros and Cons of Investing in Frontier Markets

Investing in Frontier Markets While the performance of frontier markets continues to impress, many individual investors are still hesitant to take the plunge. The risks associated with such investments are indeed real and should not […]

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How to Choose the Best Retirement Plan for Your Golden Years

Just like physical exercises are needed to maintain a healthy body, a smart planning is indispensable for maintaining a good financial health. Hence, an intelligent financial planning is what you need to maintain a financially […]

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