Trassat Review- Social Investing Guru

Trassat Trading App

Trassat Trading App

Trassat Quick Facts

  • No commissions on ETFs and stocks
  • Provides highly-rated trading platforms
  • Pioneer in social trading
  • Best for stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrency trading
  • Very transparent

Trassat Main Features

The most interesting features of Trassat include.

1. Social Trading and Investment 

Trassat is a pioneer in social investing. The broker has a social trading tool that allows traders to watch the trading moves of other traders and copy them. The basis of the social investing idea is that some investors are generally good at trading, so their activities often turn out well.

So, to encourage new and less-experienced traders, the broker provides the social trading feature. But it is not limited to only these types of traders. Anyone on the platform can use the tool. Another significant advantage of social trading is the ability to trade automatically. You locate a trader or traders whose moves you want to copy, and the platform does the rest for you. And this saves time and headaches trying to think and implement trading strategies.

2. Trading Platform

Trassat has a highly-rated mobile trading app. The app is compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows devices, and users can download it for free. Installation is also fast and easy. The app comes with important alerts, customization, and charting capabilities, all of which make using it exciting and fulfilling.

The broker does not have a web-based trading platform. But the trading experience is still better. Since the broker does not have any other venue besides the mobile app, they have invested a lot in ensuring that it is all one needs to trade.

3. Customer Support

Trassat offers various ways to contact and get customer support. Users can call, chat live, send an email, or use WhatsApp. These different customer support options suit a broker interested in providing customers with all the support they need.

Another noticeable thing about the broker’s customer support is its outstanding efficiency. While email replies may take a day, you will often get an instant response when using other options. The live chat option is the best as it provides instant responses. The phone calls and WhatsApp messages also get quick answers.

4. Trading Assets 

Trassat only offers stocks, cryptocurrency, and ETFs. While those interested in other investment assets may find the platform helpful, those whose forte is in the three asset categories get the best opportunities and experiences. For example, you can access very stocks, cryptocurrencies, and ETFs on the platform.

Trassat Pros and Cons


  • Offers social investing support where you can copy other traders’ moves.
  • It has a great mobile app with innovative features.
  • It has a good international presence in many countries allowing international trade.
  • It has a virtual trading account allowing investors to test and practice their moves without spending real money.


  • Limited investment assets

Trassat Security and Safety

Security and safety are critical concerns for many investors when trading online. Luckily, Trassat is a secure and safe platform. Users undergo a two-step verification process to access their accounts as an additional security measure.

Registration on the platform also ensures that only real people have and operate accounts. While it is free and easy to open an account, part of the process entails verification, where the broker checks every user’s credentials before they can verify their account.

Trassat Bottom Line

Trassat offers many opportunities to trade and invest in stocks, cryptocurrencies, and ETFs. The broker has a very effective trading platform that ensures you purchase and sell products without problems. It is simple, interactive, and customizable to meet your preferences. The broker is also keen on social investing, allowing users to copy the strategies of some famous and successful traders.

Is Trassat Good for You?

Traders and investors in stocks, cryptocurrencies, and ETFs will find Trassat as a good and right broker for them. Moreover, for those looking for a great social investing platform, this is the right platform for you. With an innovative trading app, the platform will not disappoint. However, you may need more information about the products the broker offers. Luckily, this broker has reliable customer support ready to answer your questions. Contact them now!

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