10 Best Cryptocurrency Apps to Install in 2022

Best Cryptocurrency Apps

Best Cryptocurrency Apps

In the last few years, the cryptocurrency market has expanded around the globe. But still, investments in cryptocurrency are not an optimal investment choice as crypto is still considered an exploratory investment. Investors in cryptocurrency can expect a roller coaster ride whether they invest long-term or short-term.

The sudden increase in the cryptocurrency market has supported the quick progression in the products and services. One such instant raise cryptocurrency service is cryptocurrency apps. There is a wide range of apps available on the market nowadays, so it is important to find the best crypto trading app in your area, to ensure that it best suits your needs.

There are numerous approaches to trading cryptocurrencies. But in general, most crypto investors prefer the use of apps because they are easy, user-friendly, and have no third-party experience in crypto investments.

Consequently, crypto investors or enthusiasts have a wide variety of cryptocurrency apps, no matter whether they want to deal. A cryptocurrency app can be used by a new NFT, buy Bitcoin, earn interest on their digital assets, or exchange Bitcoin Cash for DOGE.

Nevertheless, not all cryptocurrency apps are the same; these apps can be outright scams, some apps have a horrible user interface, and some charge extreme fees for using apps.

So, let’s see how you can find the best cryptocurrency apps.

Let’s Check the Potentials in the Best Cryptocurrency Apps

Nowadays, almost every Mobile Application Development Agency tries to develop or has developed and launched cryptocurrency apps in the market. It’s completely on an individual to select a cryptocurrency app.

Yet, one can consider some features for choosing a cryptocurrency app.

  • Security: The best cryptocurrency apps have high-grade security features such as exchange security features, assets kept offline in cold storage, and private insurance. Most importantly, a good cryptocurrency app is part of a bug bounty program and encourages ethical hackers to report weaknesses. Also, see if its exchanges have been hacked in the past.
  • Customer Service: A cryptocurrency app must avail of all-time customer service. It should not be like going through several FAQs to look for help when money hasn’t arrived in the account. Chatbots could be the best crown in the cryptocurrency app.
  • Range of Currencies: Around 4,000 cryptocurrencies are there around the globe, and it is not practically possible for any of the apps to make them all available. But a decent cryptocurrency app must have different specific cryptocurrencies and popular cryptos.
  • Ease of Use: Good cryptocurrency apps must have a user-friendly interface so that any beginner can also use them efficiently.
  • Lower Fees: A cryptocurrency app should not charge unnecessary deposits, withdrawals, and trade fees before the user opens an account.
  • Research: These apps should have cryptocurrency learning centers and information on specific cryptos so that users can remain updated.
  • Interest Earning: Many cryptocurrencies offer ways to earn interest on coins. So, an app must how much of the interest is generated and how.
  • Location: A cryptocurrency app must operate in a different part of the world and cover all the regions’ crypto regulations.
  • Real-Time Data: Cryptocurrency constantly fluctuates with time. Thus, an app must get up-to-date information to users.

Here are Some of the Best Cryptocurrency Apps to Trade

1). Coinbase

One of the best cryptocurrency apps offers its users superior products like custodian services, interest-earning accounts, eCommerce payment, a professional trading platform, and much more.

These features allow its users to trade in 96 cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum, Litecoin, BAT. USDT, ZRX and many more to count, and this number is increasing every day.

Mobile Application Development Agency has developed an easy user interface that makes it convenient to operate. To use this app, one needs to create an account using any valid identity card.

Uniquely, this app allows its users to deposit fiat currency. But the cost would be high if one wishes to trade through debit card directly; it would be around 3.99% of the trading amount. Otherwise, it cost only 1.99%.

2). eToro

It is another one from the list of the top cryptocurrency apps suitable for traders and investors in the crypto market. It provides its users 90 cryptocurrencies options to trade.

eToro cryptocurrency app has made trading easy. However, one can rely more on short-term trading than long-term. Thus, it is only apt for abstract purposes.

Furthermore, it has a unique feature that allows any user to get the chance to copy successful traders and emulate their strategies to be successful. So, directly or indirectly, users get valuable data from successful traders to help them make better decisions while trading.

Another excellent feature that eToro has is that one does not have to pay any fee for depositing money with any debit or credit card. However, users must pay a small charge of 0.5% for non-USD currencies conversions. It is a commission-free cryptocurrency app, yet its spread markup varies from 0.75 to 5%.

3). Binance

Binance is one of the best cryptocurrency apps that became very popular worldwide in only a couple of years. It would be surprising for a new user to know that it has the highest trading volumes amongst all the cryptocurrency apps on this list.

A user can rely on this app as making transactions on Binance is safe as it is completely safe and secure. Binance provides its user with an overabundance of coins to trade, and many coins are only found on the Binance app.

Also, this cryptocurrency app has a nominal fee for the transactions, such as 0.02% for perpetual trading contracts.

But then again, if a user is paying depositing money through debit or credit cards, they must pay a significant commission of 3.5% for every transaction. That’s why it is a reliable platform with the most realistic trading fees. Typically, it has a 0.1% minimum trading commission.

4). Gemini

The Gemini cryptocurrency app is one of the largest crypto exchange apps to trade in cryptocurrencies; it is based in the U.S. It offers a broad range of cryptocurrencies and has some unique features not found in other apps. This cryptocurrency exchange app is excellent for investors and traders with any skill level looking for a featured cryptocurrency app. It has fees of around 1.49% for orders greater than $200.

5). Robinhood

Robinhood was developed to help people with effortless access to the financial or cryptocurrency market. It has also founded the concept of zero-commission crypto trading after its launch in 2015. Nevertheless, Robinhood is a lot more than only free trading. This cryptocurrency app is appropriate for investors interested in fractional shares, stocks, ETFs, options, and most cryptocurrencies. Users of this app need to have an IRA account to invest in mutual funds.

6). SoFi

SoFi is among the best cryptocurrency apps that provide Active Investing packs with essential perks like no trading commissions, no account minimums, and a high-quality and easy user interface.

However, it does not allow users to trade or invest in mutual funds. Otherwise, this app is a good fit for beginners in the stock market, ETF investors looking for low commission apps with a high-grade user experience.

7). Cash App

Square’s Cash App has become a part of top cryptocurrency apps as its active user base has become more than triple over the past two years. Also, this payments platform rolled out a new facility for its clients that will allow them to buy and sell stocks.

Investing via Cash App is still a very new commission option launched in late 2019, yet it has emerged as a suitable alternative low-frills way to invest.

It is the best cryptocurrency application for beginning investors and allows them to invest in small amounts through fractional purchases of shares. Also, this app will become more robust as an investment platform in the coming months and years.

8). BlockFi

It is counted among the best cryptocurrency apps as it offers its user the best crypto savings account with maximum returns. Users can get a compounding interest of around 3% to 7.5% on every crypto holding. Thus, it is a good option to invest money in crypto with a great interest rate.

A user can use its existing portfolio and start earning interest, and for this, the user needs not create a new profile. For instance, on anyone’s existing crypto portfolio, the person can earn interest on holdings such as Bitcoin, Etherium, etc. Furthermore, its annual interest goes up to 4%.

Whoever wishesh to get high interest should consider investing in stable coins such as GUSD, USDC, etc., interested up to 7.5% on them.

9). Blockchain

Blockchain can be one of the best cryptocurrency apps for those who wish to crypto through your phone. This crypto app is very user-friendly, even for people new to trading.

It supports various cryptocurrencies and allows users to buy, sell, manage, and store their Bitcoins and altcoins.

The app has numerous features and has two-factor authentication with TOR blocking and PIN protection for security measures. There are no fees for using this app for trading in cryptocurrencies.

10). Webull

The excellent features of Webull make it the best cryptocurrency apps. Along with crypto, they also offer stocks, options, margins, and ETFs with no out-of-pocket commission. This app provides efficient transactions and a straightforward user interface.

Webull is unique in that it runs on the concept of spread markups for crypto trades.

Its user can trade on numerous big crypto coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, etc. Furthermore, there is no commission on trading, but the user must pay for a spread markup of 1%.


Thus, this is all about the different crypto applications developed by mobile application development agency that one can use to track real-time information, store your currency, and keep it safe.

These were some of the top cryptocurrency apps that people can select as per their requirements. However, one should consider all the factors for an excellent cryptocurrency app before choosing any application.

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