Top 10 IFRS Courses and Certifications Online India in 2023

IFRS Certification Courses

IFRS Certification Courses in India

If you are a professional accountant or a student with an accounting background who is interested in relocating abroad or seeking better opportunities in the accounting field, you can undoubtedly land your dream job by enrolling in an IFRS course in India. IFRS is an acronym for “International Financial Reporting Standards,” which are just like GAAP principles in India. These standards are followed by 120 countries across the world. Although IFRS principles are not applicable in India, multinational finance organizations, including financial behemoths like Deloitte, PwC, KPMG, EY, and many others, are in huge demand for IFRS experts in India so they can outsource finance and accounting operations across the world.

Many organizations provide an IFRS certification course in India. But for your reference, I’ve included a list of the top 10 IFRS courses in India.

1. Henry Harvin Finance Academy

Henry Harvin Finance Academy

One of India’s edtech giants, Henry Harvin, provides courses focused on skill development and employment. The university is widely known for its excellent instruction and affordable course costs when compared to the advantages offered. To help finance students and working professionals improve their financial and accounting skills, Henry Harvin has launched a finance academy. On learning portals, many finance and accounting courses are offered both online and offline. They also provide an IFRS certification course in India.

IFRS course details in India:The perks of the IFRS Course in India include high-quality instruction, unlimited access to the LMS, recorded video sessions, customizable batches, and more. Industry-recognized certification, boot camp sessions, internships, and a one-year gold membership with access to sessions with other batches are all post-training benefits that can help you brush up on your abilities.

Eligibility-  A 12th-grade education with a foundation in accounting and finance will be sufficient.



One of the top four financial corporations in the world is KPMG. Online skill-building courses are provided by KPMG. They provide a variety of online finance degree programs, including an IFRS certification course in India. The entire IFRS and ACCA (UK) curriculum is covered in this course. This course leads to a diploma. The Diploma in IFRS is intended to advance one’s grasp of IFRS and the ideas and concepts that underlie them, as well as their implementation in the global market, assisting professionals in preparing for work in the IFRS environment.

IFRS course details in India: The IFRS Course in India costs 32,608 rupees. In this course, KPMG experts will provide you with full support as you design the ACCA IFRS test, which will be offered twice a year. In addition to explaining the basics of IFRS, the course also discusses the distinctions between GAAP and IFRS and how to get ready for them. Including subsidiaries, affiliates, and joint ventures, prepare group financial statements (except group cash-flow statements).

Eligibility: Graduate with a background in finance.

3. ACCA Global

ACCA Global

The diploma IFRS course from ACCA Global in India is intended to increase your familiarity with and comprehension of international financial reporting standards. Along with understanding the ideas and principles, you will also learn how to apply them. Candidates should be able to comprehend, articulate, and apply the IASB’s Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting by the time they have earned their diploma. Key components of financial reports should adhere to pertinent financial reporting standards. Determine and follow the disclosure rules that apply to businesses in financial reports and notes. Including subsidiaries, affiliates, and joint ventures, prepare group financial statements (except group cash-flow statements).

Eligibility: You need a degree in accounting or finance and at least two years of related experience before you can apply for certification.

4. GTA Academy

GTA academy

A course on IFRS is available online in India from the Grand Thornton Academy. The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) Diploma in IFRS, a globally recognized and highly regarded credential, is the basis for the training program’s curriculum. They won’t just get you ready for the exam; we’ll also go through how they differ from the relevant Indian Accounting Standards (Ind AS) and Indian Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (IGAAP) to help you understand the local reporting requirements and successfully apply Ind AS in India.

5. EY

EYIn India, the EY Virtual Academy provides an online IFRS course. It will aid students in getting ready for the IFRS exam given by the international organization for professional accountants. Participants will gain a thorough understanding of concepts after this IFRS course in India is completed.

IFRS course details in India: There are ten 6-hour live interactive sessions in total. 15 hours of video recordings Presentations by EY. After completing the program, participants will have access to 75 hours of instruction on the EY Learning Management System (LMS) as well as thorough study materials from BPP Learning Media. After finishing the course, participants will be given a “Certificate of Participation.”  The course fee is Rs. 15000 plus GST.

Eligibility: After graduating with a foundation in accounting and finance.

6. Udemy


A global online learning institution called Udemy provides a variety of courses for developing new skills. On the well-known platform Udemy, students can get lifetime access to recorded lessons for a low price. In India, Udemy provides a variety of IFRS certification courses. You can finish the course at your own pace and have access to materials and downloadable resources. The IFRS Course in India is available for purchase by anyone who wants to study IFRS fundamentals without any restrictions.

Eligibility- NA

7. IMS Pro School

IMS Pro School

IMS Pro School provides its students with a rigorous academic program that is also industry-relevant. Innovating ways to engage the young, creating a new age skilling program, and inspiring and assisting the youth in developing their futures are the main focuses of pro-school. You will comprehend IFRS and learn how to implement pertinent financial reporting requirements in this IFRS Course in India. Under the direction of business professionals, students receive training. Students receive a combined certification from the NSE Academy, NSDC, and IMS Preschool upon successful completion of the course.

8. Saraf Academy

Saraf Academy

A modern consulting company called Saraf Academy places a strong emphasis on educating candidates. When you receive training from Contetra, you can grow your company by utilizing cutting-edge financial strategies. The 60 hours of live interactive sessions, practical advice from veterans, discussions based on role-playing and case studies, mock CBE exams, interview preparation for IFRS, extensive physical notes and question banks, etc. are some of the main features of the IFRS course in India.

9. Zell Education

Zell Education

Zell Education offers professionals of all ranks access to their first-rate experiences. Students have many opportunities to learn and accomplish many things thanks to the combination of in-person classes and online learning programs. It discusses coaching, unstructured learning, leadership mentoring, games, simulations, and immersive learning environments. Aspirants get knowledge of the fundamental concepts and principles of the IFRS.


10. Finpro Consulting

Finpro Consulting

Training in finance, accounting, and related fields is offered by Finpro Consulting. They additionally offer specialized learning initiatives to big businesses and firms all around India. Online training in “many places” throughout India is one of the primary advantages of the Dip IFRS. Participants receive training from seasoned individuals in the finance sector. high standards of theoretical and practical learning and a thorough comprehension of the IFRS requirements list. A network of TNCs and MNCs offers employment options and internships.


In India, there is a great demand for IFRS specialists. Because they are knowledgeable about international accounting standards, professionals in the sector of finance who already have acquired their IFRS credential have an opportunity over others. Obtaining a degree or certificate in IFRS Course in India will allow you to work in more than one hundred nations. to ensure that the financial statements are comparable, clear, and trustworthy. To encourage international investment and accelerate industrial growth. for establishing global standards for accounting and financial reporting. removing informational obstacles for accounting data users

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

Que- Do I need to pass the ACCA exam to be hired by a Big 4 company?

Ans. If you are sufficiently knowledgeable about IFRS, you will be hired for a basic-level position. However, earning an IFRS diploma will help with your professional chances.

Que- Once we enroll in an IFRS certification course in India, how much would our salaries increase?

Ans. 30%

Que- What positions do we obtain after completing an IFRS course in India?

Ans. IFRS specialists can establish their own private consulting businesses to help clients make the switch to IFRS standards. In the financial and educational sectors, IFRS experts can also serve as IFRS trainers.

Que- In which nation is there a great demand for IFRS experts?

Ans. Countries including Australia, Mauritius, Vietnam, Switzerland, China, and Hong Kong.

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