Top 10 Financial Analytics Courses Online

Financial Analytics Courses

Financial Analytics Courses Online

Since every business entity requires real-time accurate information about their business, customers, stalk holders, and employees to make important business decisions more efficiently, finance is the most essential aspect to increase the value of their businesses. Financial Analytics Courses thereby train analysts to pursue a future career in the financial analytics field. Moreover, finances overlap with analytics of every existing industry as it collides with the business aspects. Therefore, analytics plays the most vital role in financial forecasting and planning to make organizations achieve their business goals. Hence, integrating financial analytics becomes a necessity for business entities to gather financial data and information to improve their performance. Therefore, joining Financial Analytics Courses Online will up-skill your abilities besides providing in-depth knowledge of the domain.

Why is Financial Analytics in-Demand?

As the term suggests, financial analytics deals with a business entity’s financial data and recognizes future financial aspects. Therefore, it significantly aids to frame business strategies for companies. Therefore, organizations crave for financial analysts to accurately calculate their business finances, essentially forecasting their business profits. Hence, taking up Financial Analytics Courses Online would be the most insightful decision to meet your career prospect in this field.

Eligibility Criteria to Pursue Financial Analytics Courses

Emphatically, to get eligibility for financial analyst courses the following qualifications are required:

  • A 10+2 degree or bachelor’s degree in finance, business, science with mathematics, or any equivalent field.
  • CA, CFA, CPA, CS, ICWA, MBA Finance, B.Com,, or any equivalent degree.

Now, without any further delay let’s jump straight into the well-researched and strategically listed Financial Analytics Courses Online. Shall we?

Best Financial Analytics Courses Online

Here is the list of the top Financial Analytics Courses Online for your convenience. Feel free to take a tour further.

1. Harvin Harvin Education

Emphatically, Henry Harvin Education is one of the top Ed-Tech Companies in India And abroad. Moreover, it got awarded as the Best Corporate Training platform by clients like Oracle, Adobe, Tech Mahindra, American Express, and many more. However, Financial Analytics Course Online at Henry Harvin enables future financial analysts to gain in-depth knowledge on the subject matter and up-skill their analytical abilities further.

Key Takeaways of  Henry Harvin

  • Henry Harvin’s Financial Analytics Courses Online is a globally recognized and highly valued course.
  • Moreover, has ranked this course as the Top Analytics Course in the industry.
  • Practical Industry-level Training in the Financial Analytics field.
  • Henry Harvin has framed Multiple projects with Popular GCAO Pedagogy in this course.
  • On attending Financial Analytics Courses Online at Henry Harvin, the biggest advantage besides extraordinary learning experience, are the globally spread alumni status and job support.

Key Features of the Henry Harvin

  • Course Duration: 50 hrs of e-Learning Access + 32 hrs of Training + 24hrs of Brush up Sessions.
  • Certification: CFAP (Certified Financial Analytics Practitioner) + IIM Ahmedabad & IIT Bombay Recommendations.
  • Tools: Python, R, SAS, advanced Excel.
  • Projects covered: Analyzing ETF Trends, Stock Market Prediction, Analyzing the Attrition rate of Employees, Business Analytics Optimization, Predicting Department-wise Sales, and more.

2. Udemy

Emphatically, Udemy hosts one of the best Financial Analytics Courses Online in India and abroad. However, this course up-skills you with fundamental Python programming and in-depth knowledge of Machine Learning to solve practical financial problems. Moreover, Udemy is an e-Learning platform allowing their instructors and learners to connect for exchanging knowledge and skill sets. In addition, It offers over 183,000 online video courses.

Key Benefits

  1. Fundamentals of Machine learning and Data Science in light of Python.
  2. In-depth knowledge of the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM), financial risk, daily portfolio returns, Sharpe ratio, etc. financial concepts.
  3. Application of Machine Learning financial models to solve real-world industrial problems in the finance and banking sectors.
  4. 23 hours of video sessions, lifetime access to an e-learning portal, 18+ articles, and 15+ downloadable resources.

3. TalentEdge

Overall, TalentEdge provides the Financial Analytics Courses Online as an executive development program. However, their course gives a basic overview of Accounting and Analytical skills besides Training for analyzing data. Moreover, you’ll adapt certain soft skills here. Emphatically, TalentEdge’s Financial Analytics Courses Online is among the top 10 Financial Analytics Courses in India.

Key Benefits

  1. Xavier School of Management (XLRI) certifies this course.
  2. Theoretical and practical knowledge in the financial analytics domain.
  3. Skill Sets to build financial models for predictive finance analysis.
  4. Machine Learning to assess the financial analytics of the stock market.
  5. Flexible training schedules.

4. Coursera

Namely, the most enrolled Coursera course is the Financial Analytics Courses Online. However, this popular course provides a combination of Mechanical learning and statistical concepts in finances. Therefore, this course assists you to analyze financial data using these digital era concepts of machine learning technologies. However, Coursera hosts budget-friendly and job-relevant online learning platforms for individuals and organizations. Emphatically, it partners with above 200 leading business entities and universities opening the gateway of endless career opportunities for its learners besides globally valued and recognized certifications.

Key Benefits

  1. Programming language learning.
  2. Access to financial analytics libraries.
  3. Mastering statistical concepts like frequency distribution, random variables, linear regression, etc.
  4. Learning to build business models and evaluate business performances using investment indicators.
  5. 13 hours of online course content.
  6. Get certified from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology on successful completion of the course.

5. 360DigiTMG

Similarly, 360DigiTMG also conducts Financial Analytics Courses Online. Here the course is strategically structured to apply Machine Learning and Data Science to the Finance, Banking, and Insurance industry. Moreover, you can join this course at any stage of your career. Emphatically, 360DigiTMG is one of the leading EdTech entities hosting training programs in budding technological fields like Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, etc. In addition, they possess international university accreditation and partner with leading business organizations like IBM to bring professional-level industrial aspects to their course curriculum.

Key Benefits

  1. Skills to apply Machine Learning and Data Science concepts to real-life financial processes satisfying industry standards.
  2. Knowledge of Machine Learning using subject-specific business models.
  3. 16 hours of online classroom sessions.
  4. Assignments of live industrial projects.
  5. Assistance with resume writing.
  6. Placement drive in financial analytics fields.

6. UpGrad

Though UpGrad does not conduct any direct Financial Analytics Courses Online, it hosts a similar course in Data Science and Business Analytics as a Professional Certification Program. It includes key industry topics like Data Visualization, Analytical  Statistics, and Predictive Analytics with Python, etc. Moreover, UpGrad collaborates with the University of Maryland to offer this course and recognized certification relevant to this course. Emphatically, UpGrad is one of South Asia’s Biggest EdTechentities having partnerships with leading global institutes and universities.

Key Benefits

  1. Skillsets like Statistical Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, etc. that are essential to apply in Business and Financial Analytics fields.
  2. Application of Data Analytics and Machine Learning concepts in the financial domain.
  3. Industrial expert supervision on real-life professional-grade projects and assignments.
  4. 400+ hours of e-learning access and 100+ hours of Live Interactive Sessions
  5. 20+ case mentored studies
  6. Robert H. Smith School of Business from the University of Maryland certifies this course.

7. AnalytixLabs

Emphatically, AnalytixLabs hosts Financial Analytics Courses Online as a 360-degree Business Analytics Course with IBM collaborations. However, it covers basic statistical concepts of financial analytics, predictive analytics, and business modeling techniques in the curriculum. Although, one cannot compare this course with the Financial Analytics Courses Online that Henry Harvin conducts.

Moreover, AnalytixLabs is one of the top-ranked Data Science institutes conducting recognized certification courses in data science and analytics.

Key Benefits

  1. 3-in-1 course including Data Science with Python, Data Visualization and Analytics, and Data Science with R.
  2. Statistical and Python programming skills.
  3. 99 hours of interactive online classroom sessions with access to 62 hours of e-Learning content.
  4. 15 real-world hands-on projects and assignments.
  5. CV-building assistance, interview tips, and placement drive.

8. SPJIMR (S P Jain Institute of Management and Research )

Essentially, SPJIMR conducts Financial Analytics Courses Online as an executive-level recognized certification program. However, this course is specially designed for corporate finance professionals allowing the learners to solve complex financial problems with advanced Financial Analytics techniques. Moreover, SPJIMR ranks among the leading business schools and gets recognition as one of the top educational entities in India. Emphatically, this business school also got prestigious accreditation from the AACSB. Lastly, its courses are approved by the AICTE, (All India Council for Technical Education).

Key Benefits

  1. Acquire Financial Data Analytics, Financial Risk Management, Corporate Financial Analysis, etc. in-demand industrial skills besides Python, R, Excel, etc. programming skills used in Financial Analytics.
  2. Learn to solve complex financial problems.
  3. 150+ hours of self-learning e-content access and 65+ hours of Live interactive sessions.
  4. Real-world industrial-grade projects.
  5. Recognized Certification.

9. Codecademy

In short, Codecademy conducts one of the best-rated Financial Analytics Courses Online. In this course, you’ll get a combined experience of introductory free beginner courses and then paid courses. However, Codecademy is also an online interactive platform conducting coding lessons besides many other well-structured training programs. Though the basic beginner courses are free here, they provide Pro-level expert versions of the same courses that are paid.

10. Great Learning

In summary, Great Learning provides Financial Analytics Courses Online as a Post-Graduate level combined Business Analytics and Data Science program. However, the course here covers many crucial financial and analytical concepts like Data Mining, Machine learning, and Predictive Modelling. Moreover, Great Learning is also an online education platform to offer many certified training programs from top universities across the globe. Essentially, the Financial Analytics Courses Online here is structured collaboratively with Texas McCombs at the University of Texas, Austin. It is an 11 months online course with mentorship from industry experts, resume-building assistance, and interview preparation services.

Now that we have already discussed the best Financial Analytics Courses Online, let’s talk further about the possible future career endeavors on this highway of endless opportunities.

Settling the discussion on Top Financial Analytics Courses Online with Career Opportunities in that field

Possible Career options after completing Financial Analytics Courses

As we have discussed earlier in this blog, financial analytics has endless career prospects. However, by completing the Financial Analyst Courses Online you will find countless job opportunities in the financial services, insurance, banking, and corporate sectors with financial analytics certifications. Thereby you’ll experience financial analysis, market trading, investment analysis, stockbroking, commercial and investment banking, corporate financing, etc. domains. However, Financial Analytics Courses can put you into educational institutes, financial management boards, and retail outlets as well.

Career Scope in Financial Analytics Field

Since every business entity in India and abroad urges effective financial forecasting and planning strategies to grow effectively and financial analytics aids enterprises to achieve their goals, Financial Analytics Courses Online provide a promising in-demand career option worldwide.

However, financial analysts become indispensable nowadays as the finance department, finance models, business processes, and data warehouse roles are changing significantly with technological advancements. Hence, financial analytics is one of the most popular business growth tools and a considerable career in this era of digitalization.

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why is Financial Analytics necessary?

Ans- Firstly, financial analytics helps companies, other business entities, and organizations identify the risks they face. Thereby, it provides solutions to enhance and extend business processes. These solutions in turn aid businesses run more effectively. Above all, financial analytics also assists organizations to determine whether their investments are focused on the right areas to get profitable returns from.

Q2. What is the Idea of Financial Analytics?

Ans- Finance analytics or Financial analytics provide in-depth knowledge of the overall financial performance of a company or an organization.

Q3. How can we use Analytics in the Finance sector?

Ans- Evidently, financial analytics is the industrial field where we use analytics to measure and optimize the financial data of any business entity. Therefore, in this domain data analytics aids the finance teams in gathering the data and information required to achieve clarity on the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). For example, net income, generated revenue, payroll costs, etc. are the major application aspects of financial analytics. However, data analytics also assists the finance teams in scrutinizing and comprehending crucial data-centric metrics and detecting monkey business in revenue turnover if any.

Q4. What differentiates financial analytics from financial analysis?

Ans- In short, the fundamental difference between financial analytics and financial analysis lies in financial statements. Emphatically, Financial analytics analyzes commercial or operational data whereas financial analysis includes only the ratios to analyze the financial statements.

Q5. Which factors do the financial analysts analyze?

Ans- The key factors that the financial analysts analyze are as follows:

Firstly, the risk exposure of the businesses and the possible ways the business affects the present working capital. Secondly, they streamline the overall finance requirements to make the entire business process more effective. Next, they identify the right business opportunities by scrutinizing the revenue or/and capital. Moreover, they determine the ways financial decisions can affect major value drivers. In addition, financial analysts identify the customer segment, product, or target audience that crucially affects the profit margins of the business. Thereby determining the future impact on profit margins affected by current choices, presently implemented financial strategies, and today’s decisions. Lastly, financial analysts look after the decisions that can affect the stock price of the business as well.

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