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A child brings in unfathomable joy and happiness. Every time you look at your children, you dream of giving them the best of both worlds. Securing their future, providing them with the finest education, a better lifestyle and what not!

L&T mutual funds help you achieve just that without making you compromise on your retirement plans.

While choosing a mutual fund investment plan, customers often face the dilemma where they are on the crossroads between choosing a plan. But for whom? Should you buy it in the name of your children or your own? L&T mutual funds have taken a step forward in helping you make a better decision.

Mutual Funds for Kids

Mutual funds can now be purchased either ways. In case the investor is interested in purchasing the plan for their children, they can furnish the relevant documents out of which the birth certificate is the most important one. An identity proof and other details can be provided to make the process simpler.  Minor investors cannot have nomination facility and are supposed to be the sole owners of the plans.

Mutual funds for kids require special care. Therefore, if you have chosen a dividend payout option, as a parent the payment is furbished to your bank account. But the ownership of the plan, the authority of the fund lies completely with your child. Investing in mutual funds for the needs of the children and their dreams is essential.

Little Dreamer’s Campaign

L&T mutual fund launched a little dreamer campaign which aimed at encouraging parents to invest in their children’s future. A massive digital campaign, as expected, went viral all over social media garnering over 1 million video views post the launch.

Data analysis shows that the campaign successfully resonated with close to 32 million people across the country. Subtle and fun, L&T mutual funds have definitely set the bar high. Not only did the campaign host a series of exercises and events, but the move successfully established the brand value among the customers.

Get The Safety Net By Investing Early

Mutual funds can be treated as a long-term safety net. Tax saving investments such as equity-linked saving schemes which enable you for tax rebates under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act are the regular ones that customers tend to choose.

However, for a long-term plan such as the marriage of your kids, funding their education requires capital appreciation in a shorter time frame. That is when a diversified portfolio that guarantees higher returns comes into play. Start investing early in order to support your kids’ dreams.

Short-Term Debt Funds For School Expenses

Primary school expenses have been rising exponentially over the years. But does that mean your child be deprived of an education? Of course not. A systematic investment plan in a debt fund which boasts of proper records and good returns is one that you should opt for. L&T mutual funds have debt funds options which are known to generate at least 9% returns annually. Short-term goals can be achieved successfully with the help of L&T mutual funds.

Hybrid Funds To Help Your Child Through High School

Kids need to be multi-faceted these days. Every kid is talented, and it is the responsibility of the parents to channelize it in a holistic way. But the costs do not seem to come down anytime soon. So what do you do? Opting for a hybrid fund from L&T mutual funds can help you achieve those financial goals. Balanced between equities, debts, hybrid funds are known to be less volatile. Be it a wave of inflation or fluctuating stock prices; the hedging factor ensures that your funds stay secure and grow to support your child’s dream.

Equities Any Day

Long-term returns in a secure and guaranteed way come from the equity funds. Usually chosen as a retirement plan, L&T mutual funds give you the option of investing in equities in order to accumulate wealth for your child’s higher education. Invest in large cap, mid cap or even small-cap funds to gain risk-free returns when the assets are frozen for a longer duration. Go for that equities scheme, and you can bid goodbye to all the worries about educating your child, nationally or internationally.

Baby steps into the investment market can go a long way in securing the dream of your children. Isn’t all that we earn and yearn for?

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