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HDFC AMC Ltd. (HDFC Asset Management Company) was founded on December 10, 1999. It was later authorized the status of the Approved AMC for HDFC MF on June 30, 2000 as trust, with the Sponsors or the Settlers being the Standard Life Investments Ltd and the Housing Development Finance Corporation Ltd and the Trustee as the HDFC Trustee Company Ltd. AMC’s paid up capital is INR 25.241 crores as in 30th September 2014.

HDFC has been a main player on making delivery of the reliable fund performance across several categories since its inception. HDFC Mutual Fund is presently one of the market heads in the mutual fund sector with the paid up capital of the AMC being INR 25. 241 crores as on 30th September 2014.

HDFC Mutual Fund has concentrated on establishing an infrastructure that is a crucial component in carrying out all the important research and endorses it with real-time analysis. The essential stress on the supervision and management of the portfolio risk has been the main USP of the HDFC Mutual Fund.

Products provided by HDFC Mutual Funds:

Investors are offered with post constant and watchful reviews of the latest trends in the market along with the long-term Benefits of the HDFC Mutual Funds. Each of the fund managers make sure that the new growth and development sector is accordingly recognized and then only knowledge is shared with the investors in form of product offering.

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The Products offered by HDFC Mutual Fund are as under:

  1. Equity/Growth Funds
  2. Liquid Funds
  3. Debt/Income Funds
  4. Fixed Maturity Plan
  5. Retirement Savings Fund
  6. Dual Advantage Funds
  7. Rajiv Gandhi Equity Share (RGES) Scheme
  8. Annual Interval Fund
  9. Fund of Fund Scheme

Equity/Growth Fund:

HDFC equity funds offer the investment requirements of the investors who are seeking capital appreciation in both long and short term. The funds usually fall in the high risk category and produce long-term capital appreciation from an expanded portfolio of equity-linked and equity instruments. Several HDFC MF equity items have a portfolio in BSE 200 index firms and small and mid-cap firms etc.

Liquid Funds:

Liquid Funds by HDFC are proposed to produce the best possible returns whilst you maintain high liquidity and lower risk. These MFs are best suited for the investors who have moderate risk appetite and lower capital exposure.

Debt/ Income Fund:

Debt/Income Funds by HDFC focus on producing credit risk-free returns via diversified investments in several sovereign securities, which the State Government and/or Central Government issues. The income/debt fund produces regular flow of income to the investors with low capital exposure and low risk appetite.

Fixed Maturity Plan:

Fixed Maturity Plan (FMP) by HDFC aims to produce income via investments in Government Securities and Money/Debt Market Instruments where the scheme would mature before or on the maturity date as specified on the investment’s day.

Retirement Savings Fund:

Retirement plans by HDFC are best suited instruments of investment for the ones who plan a steady income source after the retirement. The funds come with an objective of investment to produce a corpus so as to offer pension to an investor that can be in type of income to the level of the redemption.

Dual Advantage Fund:

HDFC Mutual fund’s dual advantage fund obtains to produce the income by making investment in a combined portfolio of money and debt market securities that usually gets mature before or on the maturity date of the scheme.

Rajiv Gandhi Equity Savings (RGES) Scheme:

Rajiv Gandhi Equity Savings (RGES) scheme is an initiative taken by the government of India to produce long-term capital appreciation from a variety of Eligible Securities specified in the Plan.

Annual Interval Fund:

Annual Interval Fund by HDFC is formed to produce income by making investments in Government Securities and Money/Debt Market Instruments.

Fund of Fund Schemes:

HDFC Fund of Fund Scheme comes with a goal of capital appreciation by management of the asset allocation between a few specific debt and equity schemes of HDFC MF AMC.

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