How to Check the IPO Allotment Status?

IPO Allotment Status

IPO Allotment Status

Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) in the world of investment provide investors thrilling chances to participate in a company’s public debut right away. The next step after submitting an application for an IPO is to eagerly await the IPO allotment status. We will walk you through the many channels and ways you may use to check the IPO allotment status and remain current on your investment journey with this post.

If this is your first time investing, the information we have provided will be able to break down this important stage. But, if you are planning to invest in certain companies that are difficult to own part of due to them being privately held, like SpaceX, for example, then you may want to know how to invest in spacex stock pre-ipo, or any other similar-type of company, so you can have a part of something you are interested in/care about developing. There are sites such as Dividend Power that can delve into this topic if you need further clarification. Now onto how you can check the IPO allotment statuses of public companies.

Methods to Check IPO Allotment Status:

  • Checking through the Registrar’s Website

Visiting the registrar’s website is one among the most ways to verify the status of the IPO allotment. Applications for initial public offerings are handled by the registrar, who also distributes shares. The IPO allotment status may normally be checked on the registrar’s website by entering your application information in the relevant section.

  • Checking through the BSE Website

A portal to verify the progress of IPO allotments is also available through the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). To check the progress of your IPO allotment, you can input your application information in a specified part of the BSE website.

  • Checking through the NSE Website

The National Stock Exchange (NSE), like the BSE, provides a facility to check the status of IPO allotments. You can enter your application information and keep track IPO allotment status.

  • Checking through the IPO Registrar’s App

Investors can check the progress of their IPO allotment via mobile applications that certain registrars offer in addition to their websites. You can enter your application information and get immediate updates on the status of your IPO allotment using these applications’ user-friendly interfaces.

Guide to Checking IPO Allotment Status:

Step 1: Visit the Registrar’s Website

Start by getting to the registrar’s website which will be handling your IPO application. Usually, the IPO prospectus or the web site of the stock market will include a link to the registrar’s website.

Step 2: Find the section titled “IPO Allotment Status”

Go to the IPO allotment status area of the registrar’s website after you’ve arrived there. The title of this section is typically “IPO Allotment Status” or a closely related phrase.

Step 3: Enter Your Application Details

You will be asked to input your application information in the area titled “IPO allotment status.” Your PAN (Permanent Account Number), application number, or other identifying information may be included in this.

Step 4: Submit the Captcha Code

You might be requested to input a captcha code or finish a verification step to ensure the process’ security. In order to stop automated bots from accessing the IPO allotment status, this must be done.

Step 5: Check Your IPO Allotment Status

Your IPO allotment status will be displayed on the website once you have entered all the required information and finished any required verification steps. This will show whether or not you have received shares. It might also mention how many shares you’ve been given if you’ve received shares.


Investors who have submitted applications for initial public offerings must take the essential step of checking the IPO allotment status. Staying informed about your financial journey is now straightforward and accessible thanks to the different methods that are available. Investors can make sure they get timely updates on the progress of their IPO allotment by using the procedures described above.

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