How to Build Great Relationships With Investors?

IR Strategy

IR Strategy

Are you struggling to target investors or foster relationships once they become shareholders? New research shared by IR Magazine shows this is an issue challenging most IR teams across the globe.

The research, which includes a survey that polled 282 IROs, reveals 37 percent of these professionals have trouble with targeting investors. Another 18 percent report difficulty with outreach, specifically securing face-to-face meetings.

Despite these stumbling blocks, outreach and targeting remain essential to driving your strategic value. So how can you overcome these difficulties to boost targeting and engagement? To strengthen relationships, focus on these key areas of your IR strategy in the coming months.

Refine Your IR Narrative!

Nearly half (45 percent) of investors want to work on their investment case in 2023. A strong, consistent IR narrative inspires confidence, especially if your company is going through any changes, such as listing new shares or installing a new CEO.

Your IR narrative may also require some polish if investment sentiment has turned sour due to external factors influencing the markets. Leading your narrative can help you reposition yourself to investors, highlighting your strong wins and smoothing over any concerns. It gives you a chance to align your storytelling with the investors you want to target.

Integrate Your IR Website!

While your messaging should be consistent across all channels, your IR narrative will be front and center on your IR website. There, you have the chance to weave your brand’s story, and it’s often the first and most-trusted source of information investors check when evaluating your investment case.

With the right engagement analytics, you can see the impact of your IR narrative in real-time. You’ll be able to track individual visitors’ digital footprint to see who’s visiting your site, which pages they review most often, and what content they engage with the most.

The latest IR tech is transforming the way investors connect with your investment proposition and how you measure this engagement with other factors. That’s because it consolidates digital footprint data with other engagement metrics across all your channels.

By effortlessly combining this information into one platform, you’ll be able to compare the success of your IR narrative with other performance benchmarks.

More importantly, engagement analytics also uses sophisticated AI and machine learning to sift through this information and identify pertinent insights about past, present, and future investor behavior.This self-learning technology can eventually predict which investors are likely to buy shares, giving you a chance to reach out at the perfect time.

Tap Into Investor Trends!

Another way many IROs are improving targeting and outreach is by reflecting investor concerns. Trends show that ESG reporting and engagement will continue to be materially important to investors.

Last year, 81 percent of all institutional investors planned to invest more in ESG funds, and experts forecast this kind of investing will continue in 2023.

As ESG-oriented reporting becomes standard, it’s important that you underscore your sustainability story within your IR narrative. You may also want to consider a purpose-built ESG website to tap into eco-minded investors.

With the right IR partners on your side, you can fully integrate this ESG website with your broader IR platform, adding this metric to your engagement analytics.

The Bottom Line

Tapping into investor trends, adopting the latest engagement analytics, and refining your IR narrative — these best practices may streamline your targeting strategy and build strong relationships.

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