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Salaried individuals or business owners, everyone needs to file their income tax returns before the due date. It is mandatory under the law to file income tax returns for everyone who records an income beyond 2.5 lakhs after all deductions, through an offline or an online income tax return filing process.

Tax filing has multiple benefits attached to it. Whenever you apply for loans, VISA, credit or otherwise, tax returns serves as a historical record for verification. Therefore it is essential to calculate your taxes and pay them on time. Instead of waiting for the final deadline for filing income tax returns, paying it ahead of time can save you the rush and all the hustle which otherwise tends to drain you.

However, enticing it might sound, tax filing hasn’t been an easy job until recently. Manual extraction of Form 16, filling out the details meticulously and sending it out for manual verification has been taxing. But such hassling deals have trodden the path of innovating time-saving solutions for the common folks.

Digital is the way to go. So implementing it against the ITR filing process was only natural. Online income tax return filing has never been easier. Multiple websites have been coming up with interactive user interfaces to make the process a cake walk. Follow the steps without getting dilapidated because these website make it so simple.

Let’s look at the most common portals used by the common man for online income tax return filing.

  • Clear Tax

One of the most popular and common online income tax return filing websites is a Clear Tax. A very simple and genuine user interfaces, it has been voted unanimously as one of the easiest websites to file returns. Clear tax allows users to log in using their email addresses or social networking ID’s to sign-up on the portal.

It gives the user two options where they can either upload the Form 16 or file the income tax returns manually. Uploading Form 16 makes the deal simpler because it has all the related information and the portal extracts that information to prepare your returns. Fill out the missing data on the website, and the rest is calculated by the Clear tax.

At the end of the process, the user is shown the total amount of tax that they need to pay or the total amount of refund they are eligible for. Not only that, it processes the form and redirects the user to the e-filing website where the user can easily verify the online income tax return filed, thereby successfully completing the procedure.

In case an individual has made an error in filing the taxes or is not able to proceed, Clear tax offers online assistance too. Online income tax return filing is taken care of by professional chartered accountants for a minimum cost of 499 INR who further help in filling out the details.

  • Taxsmile

Founded in 2007, TaxSmile has been a pioneer in terms of online income tax returns filing. Like a Clear tax, it also rolls out professional plans starting at 499INR for managing your tax returns. However, there is an additional option where you can take care of the tax returns all by yourself.

TaxSmile takes care of verifying the ITRV submission where the user can submit the form to the firm online, and they forward it to the CPC for verification. TaxSmile provides users with a centralised database to manage the documents, track refunds, record year wise historical tax filing information and even provide assistance regarding any issue that one might come across during online income tax returns filing.


The hassle proof online income tax return filing is what every individual wants. A shorter duration is much appreciated by most of the millennials who are always crunched for time. Therefore, a trustworthy online income tax return filing portal comes is a blessing. aims to achieve just that. With experts to advise you at just 3499 INR, you can be sure that your returns are being handled by seasoned professionals.

Business services such as GST, Business tax returns, TDS and much more are taken care of the by the portal. Rated 4.5 by the users and almost 90% customer satisfaction on the review index, can be your go-to website for online tax preparation, NRI tax e-filing, and much more.

  • Income Tax India E-filing

The government of India has its own online income tax return filing website which is open to all taxpayers across the country. Available for free, users can log in to the portal using their PAN card number and password. It also provides a provision to link your Aadhar card with the PAN number.

The official Income tax returns website gives you detailed information regarding the ITR-V receipt status, your refunds processes, PAN details, CPS information, digital signs etc. A completely safe and secure portal, it is surely on its way to becoming a popular online income tax return filing website.

  • MyITreturn

Another major private online income tax return filing portal is MyITreturn. With close to a customer base of 20 lakhs, this particular portal guides the user on every step to declare and process the income tax return. Without compromising on the accuracy, it boasts of a robust system which ensures that the complete process ends successfully. Touted to maximize the refunds, MyITreturn is definitely a top choice for users across the country.

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