10 Top Investment Management Software in India 2022

Investment Management Software

Investment Management Software

Investment management software is used to track financial assets such as stocks, futures, options, and bonds, as well as manage investment portfolios, audit compliance, and optimize portfolio performance. Asset reporting, portfolio management, and investment tracking are all common elements. Traditional investment management organizations, independent traders and investment advisers, and alternative investment software vendors (such as hedge funds) are all users of investment management software.

Wondering how these Investment Management software help you? Here’s how: Improved decision-making. The system provides real-time data via reports and dashboards, allowing investors to make more educated decisions. It enables users to examine investment gaps and track the performance of aspects like the debt-equity ratio in order to optimize investment strategies. Users can also get price information on mutual funds, bonds, and stocks in real time, on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Better risk management. The software uses real-time asset reporting and a variety of risk models to identify assets that are vulnerable to risk or have low returns. Users can reduce risk by balancing risky investments with safer and more rewarding ones. Portfolio management is simplified thanks to the tool’s ability to categorize and organize portfolios on a single platform. This makes it easy to find and sort through them.

If you’re someone planning to use an Investment Management Software and looking for some recommendations. We have some for you after our research. Following are top 10 Investment Management Softwares to go for in India.

1. Bipsync

Bipsync Research Management Software (RMS) is a fully integrated research environment that has been shown to improve investor efficiency, fund collaboration, and compliance. The Bipsync Research Platform combines a variety of powerful research management features, such as Core RMS, Process Management, Advanced Compliance, and Data Integration.

Bipsync unifies your whole research process into a single, integrated, and user-friendly platform. The Bipsync Research Management Platform is meticulously developed to help professional investors organize and speed their research. It has been proven to increase productivity, improve collaboration, and simplify compliance.

2. FundCount

FundCount is an accounting and analytics software solution for partnerships that tracks, analyses, and reports the value of complicated investments. FundCount provides an integrated multi currency general ledger and automated workflow solutions for fund administrators, family offices, hedge funds, and private equity firms to improve the efficiency of everyday activities. It also includes easy-to-use reporting features that allow businesses to swiftly create and deliver consolidated reports tailored to each client’s specific needs. Hedgeweek has named FundCount the Best Fund Accounting and Reporting Systems Firm.

3. Ledgy

Ledgy is an equity management software designed specifically for high-growth startups. Employee participation plans, funding rounds, and investor interactions may all be simply managed and updated to a transaction-based capitalization table.

Ledgy enables businesses to store documents in a single repository, grant role-based access, arrange data by history, send verification invites, and report on KPIs to investors. Schedule tracking, notifications, reporting templates, data export, real-time updates, GDPR compliance, comparison models, waterfall analysis, and more are among the features available.

4. StockMarketEye

StockMarketEye is a strong yet simple-to-use application for keeping track of your investments and keeping up with the changes of your favorite stocks. When undertaking market and stock analysis, it’s simple, elegant, and intuitive interface saves you time, while its investor-friendly features provide you with the knowledge you need to make informed investment decisions.

5. PackHedge

PackHedge is the world’s most advanced investment industry solution for multi-asset classes, including hedge funds, private equity funds, mutual funds, and a variety of other investment instruments such as UCITS, ETFs, Equities, Real Estate, and many others, enabling qualitative and quantitative research and analysis.

PackHedge enhances investment decision and management processes by providing full portfolio design, simulation, what-if modeling, tracking, and management tools for mixed asset types. On individual assets, multiple assets, or portfolios, PackHedge provides a wide range of advanced quantitative analysis and graphing tools and approaches. The user-friendly, powerful, and versatile Screening & Reporting engine in PackHedge combines a multi-dimensional query engine with a powerful and flexible custom reporting tool for portfolios, aggregated portfolios, assets and/or any form of asset or object.

6. 4Degrees

4Degrees is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) tool that assists firms in managing opportunities, networking, and deals, among other things. Contact management, search functionality, pipeline management, and reporting are all its important aspects.

Administrators can use the 4Degrees platform to search the team’s network for connections with corporations, investors, and specialists. It helps users uncover opportunities and create relationships by automatically populating the pipeline with deal-related data. Managers can use this system to arrange meetings, handle client correspondence, stay up to date on industry news, and keep track of relevant information. Furthermore, the technology provides customisable pipeline reports automatically, giving users visibility into engagement data.

7. enVisual360

enVisual360 is a wealth management and CRM software solution that assists small to large businesses in keeping track of client and entity data. enVisual was created by wealth management specialists with over 20 years of expertise in the industry and allows you to build your firm with minimum people. All of the modules and functions required to run a modern wealth management firm are included in enVisual. When your business requires it, modules can be licensed independently. CRM/Compliance, entity administration, document management, complete accounting, asset management, and customisable workflow are the core functional areas of enVisual. enVisual is built on a centralized client dashboard that allows users to quickly and easily access client data.

8. ValueAT

ValueAT is a portfolio management software that helps in improving investment performance. It provides comprehensive investment analytics, integrated data research, and decision enablers, helping you not only view performance, but influence it. Moreover, It enhances productivity with zero manual intervention insight, reduces data management and helps with multiple systems overheads. It is known to reduce cycle time to action with smart visualization and drive performance with end-to-end decision through portfolio and data analytics.

9. B.utterwire

Increase in scale to lower the cost per billion dollars of assets managed (M&A). In order to counterbalance inflation in mid-back office costs, research employees should be stretched.

Each quarter, cut risk budgets to stay close to the benchmark. Increase the quantity of high-quality investment decisions per employee. Now is the time to use data science to encapsulate smart investment information. Utilize innovative technology to efficiently compound knowledge. Butterwire is set up to encourage a fundamental, long-term, low-turnover approach to active investing. Its goal is to improve the likelihood that some portfolio holdings will outperform significantly over the course of a year, while minimizing the quantity and impact of the worst performers. Look for stocks with appealing fundamentals, are controversial, and are consistent with your investment style and mandate.

10. Statmetrics

Statmetrics is a free cross-platform software tool for computational finance that provides an interactive environment. Statmetrics is an analytical tool that combines commonly used quantitative finance technology with modern econometric research methodologies to provide a variety of modeling strategies for analyzing specific markets. Statmetrics can be utilized for econometric analysis, technical analysis, risk management, portfolio management, and asset allocation in a variety of sectors.

To make smarter investment decisions, gain insight into the risk-return profile of your investments and take use of extensive technical, fundamental, and quantitative analysis. Statmetrics provides an all-in-one portfolio analytics and investment research solution.

The majority of products in the market are priced per user per month with three pricing categories based on their initial price.

Pricing ranges:

  • $2 to $40
  • $40 – $240
  • $40 – $240

We hope this article serves its purpose. Happy investing!

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