6 Financial CEOs to Follow in 2024

Top Financial CEOs

Top Financial CEOs

According to a recent survey from WalletHub, nearly 1 in 2 Americans plan to make financial resolutions for 2024. However, 2 in 3 Americans worry about their finances’ future, and 40 percent think it will be harder to achieve financial goals than in 2023. So, don’t navigate the waters alone if you want to make positive strides in your bank account, investment portfolio, or retirement fund this year. Follow these sharp and successful financial CEOs for some of the best monetary inspiration in the business.

Thasunda Brown Duckett

Company: TIAA, LinkedIn: @ThasundaBrownDuckett

After spending over 15 years in executive roles at JP Morgan Chase, Thasunda Brown Duckett became CEO of the retirement planning firm TIAA in 2021. Since taking the helm of this corporation, Duckett has continually upheld the values of financial inclusion to make retirement wealth more equitable and accessible for all Americans. She is also the founder of the Otis and Rosie Brown Foundation, a nonprofit that awards grant money to individuals, companies, and organizations who use ordinary resources to do extraordinary work in their communities. These achievements earned Duckett a spot on Forbes’ Power Women List of 2023.

Danielle Delongchamp

Company: Concorde Investment Services, LinkedIn: @DanielleDelongchamp

At the end of last year, the broker-dealer company Concorde Investment Services announced that Danielle Delongchamp will be its newest CEO as of 2024. Having worked in finance for almost 20 years (including the past six years on Concorde’s Executive Team), Delongchamp has a vast knowledge of financial investment operations, technologies, and cybersecurity measures, which she uses to create value for finance professionals, advisors, investors, and other strategic partners. She assumes leadership at an exciting time for Concorde—on the heels of this firm being named a finalist in WealthManagement.com’s 2023 Industry Awards.

Nasser Chanda

Company: Paymerang, LinkedIn: @NasserChanda

As a former investment banker and now the CEO of Paymerang—one of the Inc. 5,000 Fastest-Growing Companies of 2023—Nasser Chanda has over 20 years of experience running financial tech startups. Paymerang is his latest multi-million dollar venture: a finance automation platform that makes it seamless and efficient for enterprises across all industries to manage payroll, invoice clients, and track accounts receivable. Not only is he a successful leader in his own right, but Chanda also has a passion for building innovative team cultures and organizations that feel empowered to cultivate a stronger, more resilient economic outlook.

Carlos R. Vega

Company: Tesorio, LinkedIn: @CarlosRVega

When Carlos Vega helped launch the cash flow performance software Tesorio in 2013, financial automation tools were still in the early stages of development. As such, many businesses relied on slow, manual processes to oversee their cash flow. Fortunately, this has changed within the last ten years, thanks to Vega—and his company is on a mission to unlock $1 trillion in cash flow for Tesorio customers by 2030. Vega also champions other influential technologies and finance leaders shaping the industry, and he loves to share actionable insights for business owners to secure their organizations’ financial health and sustainability.

Sallie Krawcheck

Company: Ellevest, LinkedIn: @SallieKrawcheck

About ten years ago, Sallie Krawcheck left behind a lucrative career on Wall Street to co-found Ellevest. Today, this investment firm helps women from all backgrounds increase their wealth, plan for retirement, diversify their portfolios, save for long-term milestones, and prioritize their financial self-care. With over 3 million users, $53 million in Series B funding, and $1.5 billion in assets under management, Krawcheck is committed to ensuring that women and other marginalized communities have all the resources they need to pursue financial goals. Bankrate even named her corporation 2023’s Best Mission-Oriented Investing Service.

Chris Ortega

Company: Fresh FP&A, LinkedIn: @FreshCFO

With his dynamic charisma and extensive knowledge of FP&A (financial planning and analysis), Chris Ortega shows entrepreneurs how to scale their organizations, streamline overhead costs, and increase revenue. Drawing from his experience in accounting, reporting, tech integration, and financial transformation, Ortega has helped businesses all across the spectrum—from seed to enterprise—realize their ambitions for growth. On his YouTube channel, Ortega also talks about how companies can harness the power of data collection, generative AI tools, and online marketing tactics to bolster their financial performance and maximize ROI.

Give these Financial CEOs a Follow in 2024

No matter your financial resolutions in 2024—saving for a dream vacation, the down payment on a house, or just about anything in between—it never hurts to learn from the experts.

From practical advice on handling your investments to aspirational content on running a corporation, these CEOs are worth following.

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