Fastest Growing Top B2B Tech Companies in 2022

Top B2B Companies

Top B2B Companies

This article lists down the top b2b companies in 2022 that are flourishing their online marketplace with retailers and sellers.

The Advancement in B2B Commerce

Over the last few years, B2B commerce and marketing have gotten a lot of attention. B2B was able to make its impression in the business world. Thanks to the introduction of current technology and business improvements. In recent years, a new facet has gained a lot of attention: the b2b marketplace.

An advanced and continually developing marketplace would be impossible to achieve without partnership. Companies from various industries rely on the products, services, and capabilities of other companies to complete activities as difficult as cloud infrastructure maintenance or as common as receiving cargo. Business to business, or B2B, is a business paradigm for promoting success between businesses that allows partnerships to grow, marketing to become more transparent, and entire industries to prosper while meeting specific company goals.

Let’s identify the top b2b companies in 2022 that conquering the marketplace and making a name for themselves.

Top B2B Companies in 2022

1. Amazon Business

Amazon Business is a global giant from Europe and one of the top b2b companies in 2022. It’s a one-stop-shop for locating and purchasing business supplies while on the go. To begin an e-commerce operation, companies must first register with the marketplace. Employers can have numerous users buy in their absence using this platform, making it much easier. For all users who need to keep their business going. It also saves time with fast and easy search and 1-click purchase. It’s a store where you may get everything you need for your business in one spot. Furthermore, from the perspective of a store, seller, and customer, it provides you with a separate business and personal purchasing experience.

Businesses can also scan product barcodes and photos to help you locate what yo u’re looking for, compare costs, and see if it’s in stock. It can also construct unique shopping lists for regularly purchased items for your company and share them with your coworkers. With push alerts and app badges, you can keep track of orders and approvals with its simple app.

2. Retailo Technologies

Retailo is MENAP’s first regional B2B marketplace, digitizing the region’s retail supply chains. The company based in Riyadh and operating in numerous countries across MENAP now has over 50,000 active retailers who can access over 5,000 SKUs via the Retailo app and have them delivered within 24 hours of placing an order. With this retail marketplace app, multiple warehouses run massive operations, which stores goods from hundreds of brands, many of which are direct Retailo partners. Undoubtedly, Retailo’s objective is to make supply chains more accessible to small company owners by simplifying the retail business.

Retailo is assisting store owners in adopting this new computerized method of acquiring goods for their stores. The app’s capabilities provide customers with a one-stop-shop so retailers can worry less about inventory cash flow. It also provides same-day delivery. Additionally, the ease of use makes purchasing a breeze. It also has a free return policy. Retailo is reshaping the retail marketplace structure across MENAP strongly.


Alibaba is a well-known online B2B company from China. It’s a wholesale marketplace where consumers may browse for products from retailers and suppliers all over the world. Shop and pay with confidence on Alibaba. Alibaba trade assurance fully protects your purchases if suppliers fail to satisfy the agreed-upon product quality and delivery schedule. The retailers and suppliers on this B2B marketplace have years of expertise in designing items. Furthermore, meeting the requests of sellers on Amazon, eBay, Wish, Etsy, Mercari, Lazada, and other marketplaces. Users can also browse millions of products across a variety of industries.

Furthermore, the Alibaba app guarantees a quick delivery. The b2b marketplace collaborates with major freight forwarders to provide on-time delivery, tracking information. Moreover, competitive pricing for sea, air, and land transport solutions. Aside from this, covers a wide range of popular categories including hot and trending consumer products, also features industrial and raw materials categories.

4. eWorldTrade 

eWorldTrade is one of the highly reputable B2B sites from the North American region that offers the safest trading and brings the most reliable merchants under one roof. This B2B platform is also known as the hub of professional traders that connects you with reliable buyers and sellers from all over the world, making it a reliable b2b business in the region.

eWorldTrade is the fastest-growing B2B platform where you meet thousands of wholesalers, manufacturers, suppliers, who registered themselves from different regions. It even helps to expand your brand services globally. Whether you are a small dealer or the leading one, eWorldTrade gives you an opportunity to perform trading efficiently. Since its establishment, this platform has continuously upgraded its features and skill. And today, it becomes the leading B2B marketplace.

5. Ula

Ula is a Jakarta-based online B2B marketplace that offers small businesses a diverse product selection, competitive pricing, and on-time delivery. The marketplace uses technology to help small retailers better manage their working capital and inventory. This allows them to enhance their margins and expand their business. Small businesses no longer have to search for multiple suppliers, endure the heat while getting groceries, be wet by rain, or close their stores while shopping thanks to Ula. Ula’s community selling program helps anyone who wants to start their own business, benefit their communities, and earn extra money. Ula provides the possibility for store owners (or anyone with unutilized space) to become Ula pick-up points and make extra money. The platform has 70,000 registered stores with 6,000 SKUs and a team of ten nationalities.

The company’s retailers can use their time to stay at the business and sell more things by purchasing through the Ula app. The app can help anyone, whether they already have a business, want to start a mom-and-pop shop, or want to start an online business. In addition, the Ula App allows you to order anything from daily necessities to fresh produce and clothing. The company provides the greatest rates, excellent suppliers, a large range of products, and on-time delivery.

6. Faire

Faire is one of the leading top b2b companies in 2022. It is an online marketplace for retailers situated in the United States. Retailers are invited to shop wholesale whenever and wherever they want using this marketplace. The app allows users to shop the Faire marketplace on the move, view their wholesale orders and shipping information, and discover thousands of new products that their future consumers would adore.

The objective of the company is to enable independent entrepreneurs to pursue their aspirations. They want to level the playing field for small businesses everywhere by making wholesale purchasing easier and connecting independent manufacturers and retailers from all over the world.

The Faire app for retailers finds unique lines for their stores! Plus, with their first app order, they’ll get free shipping. The more people who shop on the wholesale website or app, the better the brand’s suggestions will be. Furthermore, the marketplace provides a prepaid postage label to the consumer if the products are returned.


The marketplaces listed above are some of the greatest b2b marketplaces in the globe that may help your company grow. You can choose a marketplace based on your needs to ensure that you don’t miss out on any opportunities to attract the most customers.

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