The Do’s and Don’ts of Successful Landlording: Insider Advice

How to Become a Landlord?

How to Become a Landlord?

What do you expect after becoming a landlord? Most of you will answer that getting a good rental income is your main concern. But you have to keep certain things in mind before posting your properties as advertisements to tenants. The things that you follow in your landlording business determine the success of how much money you will make. That being said, we have come up with the do’s and don’ts for landlords so that they can achieve their financial goals faster.

Let’s Start With the Do’s!

  • Use the Property Management Software

Using property management software can take away loads of pressure from your head. It helps streamline operations like tenant screening, lease management and management requests. Of course, some may still prefer to use dedicated software for certain aspects of managing their property business. For example, those who manage multiple properties and leases might want to look into a lease management solution that can help streamline this, as well as ensure that landlords stay compliant with any relevant standards that they need to operate within. It saves time and effort for the landlords so that they can further concentrate on other important tasks. There is some software that comes with landlord banking services through which landlords can simplify their finances. So, it is always advisable to leverage the power of property management software to improve operational efficiency and hence optimize property management practices.

  • Safety Measures for Tenants

The prime responsibility of landlords is to ensure the safety of their tenants. Landlords should perform regular investment property checkups to ensure everything is perfect. Every state has its own safety measures for the landlords that they must follow. General rules say that check for the infrastructure, communal areas like staircase and hallways, HVAC systems, and hot water systems of the rental property.

  • Know the Laws

Housing discrimination is prohibited under state and federal laws. If you deny someone of housing, you need to justify the reasons for doing so. For instance – You might reject a single mother of 4, seeing that she has been evicted from her last two rental units. However, you can’t just simply deny her because you don’t want to rent to someone with several children. It comes under discrimination, and she can file a lawsuit which will cost you money, even if you win the case. So, steer clear of legal problems and have a thorough understanding of the laws pertaining in your state or locality.

  • Be Professional

Every landlord wants their tenant to treat the property as if it is their own. And to make that possible, you need to show them that you are serious about your business. Have a perfect office set up before accepting the rental applications. Get a separate mobile number solely for business purposes and set up a greeting. It will help the tenants know that they are calling the business. Don’t share your personal number with the tenants. Be respectful to your tenants before signing a lease. It will not only help quality tenants but also earn you good referrals.

Moving on to the Don’ts!

  • Don’t Rent to Your Close Ones

There are rare instances where doing business with the near and dear ones has given good results. Just imagine – You have rented an apartment to your friend. He/she is more likely to expect an extension when it comes to paying rent or might even ask you to lower the rent. You have stepped into the property management business to earn profits. So, don’t rent the properties to someone who is most likely to cost you money.

  • Don’t Do Repairs

We have mentioned above that you need to ensure the safety of your tenants. But here is the catch: don’t indulge in repairs if you don’t know exactly how to do them. It might not turn out as you expected. For example, when it comes to pest control, an expert from can ensure the complete eradication of any infestation, whereas DIY methods may not be effective and could even make the situation worse. Therefore, you need to rely on professionals for services like plumbing, minor roof repairs, HVAC maintenance, and pest control, to name a few. So don’t do the repairs yourself.

  • Don’t Be Friends With Your Tenants

It’s only you who can draw the line between your friendly nature and being friends with the tenants. Your tenants are more likely to respect you if you behave cordially or friendly with them. But then, treat everyone with the same nature. Don’t be biased toward any tenant. Don’t try to become friends with your tenants. Because tenants might backfire on you. The friendships might cause you financial loss.

  • Don’t Be Snoopy

It is natural for landlords to be curious. You might want to know what your residents are up to and who is coming to their homes. It is okay to be curious, but don’t go overboard. Peeking through the windows and conducting surveillance are some of the things that can land you in trouble. It is a violation of their right to privacy, and they can file potential lawsuits against you.

Final Takeaway

If you are new to landlording, you are bound to make mistakes. So, it is always better to know some tips before heading towards renting the properties. Even if you are an experienced one, keep the above-mentioned do’s and don’ts in your mind to save yourself from making costly mistakes. Ultimately, you will be able to build a good real estate portfolio.

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