5 Things to do if Cancer Runs in Your Family

Cancer Disease

Cancer Disease

Most of us have heard about the cancer cases and what the patient and their family have to go through. Cancer might even run in some families. There are cancer types that are not inherited; however, do not think that if no one in the family had one, you would not get it either. Most people diagnosed with the disease do not have any family history of cancer. About 5% to 10% of all cancer diseases are inherited. Often, people in the same family get cancer because they share the same behavior that increases the risk of cancer, like unhealthy eating habits, smoking, and a lack of proper exercise. A cancer policy is a must if cancer runs in your family.

Let us check the five things that you can do if you have a family medical history about cancer.

      1. Undergo genetic testing

Genetic testing does not say whether cancer would come back, but it helps to understand the reasons why you developed cancer. The test does not say if cancer can spread through the body. However, the test will inform you about management strategies and help you protect the family members who have not been affected by cancer. Genetic testing is one of the best ways to take prevention in case the disease is inherited.

      2. Consult a genetic counselor

Consultation with a genetic counselor will be quite beneficial if there is a family history of cancer. It would be helpful if the type of cancer falls under the description of ‘hereditary cancer’. There are certified genetic counselors that specialize in high-risk patients and can help them understand the level of risk based on family history and the steps they can take to prevent or control the disease.

     3. Compare cancer plans before buying one

If you or a family member has chances of developing cancer, you need to take proper protection for them. You should compare the various cancer insurance plans and find out the one that matches your requirements. Also, the plans have different payment options – monthly, half-yearly or yearly. You can choose the plan that suits you the best as per your requirements.

    4. Buy cancer insurance

The next thing that you need to do once you know that you and your family have risks of cancer is buy cancer insurance. It is a special policy designed to offer financial assistance to the policyholders if they are diagnosed with the disease. The policy covers all the associated cancer diagnosis and treatment including chemotherapy, hospitalization, surgery, and radiation among others. If a person has already been diagnosed with cancer, he cannot apply for insurance.

    5. Follow healthy habits

Last but not least, if your family has a form of hereditary cancer, try to lead a very healthy life. This will reduce the chances of cancer. Try to eat good food, exercise regularly, and stay away from harmful chemicals, pollution, and radiation as much as possible.

These are the five things you need to take care of if cancer runs in your family.

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