How to Promote Your Tax Preparation Services to Gen Z Clients?

Tax Preparation Marketing

Tax Preparation Marketing

Tax season is approaching and it is time to start preparing promotional ideas for this year. It is important to target a specific niche that gives your firm the competitive edge to pull ahead. Understanding your target audience and knowing your clients’ demands makes you better equipped to cater to their needs.

Most of the clients today belong to Generation Z. Thus, you need to promote your tax preparation services in a way that attracts them. This is when you start implementing promotional techniques that specifically target the Gen Z audience.

Showing you are proficient is only half the battle. You need to promote your tax services so that you receive new clients. And, it is very unlikely for people to choose tax preparation services through flyers or billboards. You will not only have muddled Gen Z clients but also big competition from other tax firms.

However, tax business promotions do not need to be complicated. The best way to attract Gen Z clients should not crumble your marketing budget. Therefore, we are going to lay out some easy-to-follow tax business promotional tips that will help you attract the Gen Z audience.

Promote Your Tax Preparation Services with Social Media:

Promote your tax preparation services with social media

Using social media to promote your tax preparation services is one of the best ways to start. The entry costs are low. Plus, Gen Z spends a lot of their time on social media. Thus, increasing your social media presence will help you reach a much wider audience at a very low cost.

There are many platforms that you can leverage. The most common platforms are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Accounts on these platforms are free and the content is quick and easy to produce.

For most of us, social media is just one part of the mix. However, some businesses are entirely built using social media. Nevertheless, tax firms that are not engaging in social media marketing almost seem suspicious. Social media has the benefit of being where the eyeballs are. There are nearly 4.62 billion active users of social media worldwide. Therefore, people expect to find your tax firm there and see evidence that you are active.

Woo Your Prospects with Quality Content:

Woo your prospects with quality content

One marketing action does not get you a client, especially when it comes to Gen Z. Your audience is very likely to receive content from your competitors as well. Plus, new relationships require a little effort.

In this modern age, there are practically unlimited ways to promote your tax services to attract new clients. However, regardless of the way you choose to promote, the best way to attract your prospects is through quality content. If you want a new client, you need to develop a long-term engagement with consistent and quality content.

Quality content can be of many types. It can be a million-dollar viral video, or sometimes, it is just a multi-bylined whitepaper. It could be a witty cartoon in your email. Or a short paragraph offering a tip or suggestion. Essentially, quality content is anything that provides recognizable value to the recipient. Value can be perceived as entertainment, helpfulness, or emotional impact.

Content for tax firms should always have a clear purpose. For example, if you love to work with restaurants and cafes, someone looking at your posts should easily be able to pick at least one recent post on that subject. The headline should persuade them to read the post. And the post should leave them in doubt about your commitment and expertise.

Promoting Your Tax Preparation Services Using Tax Postcards and Flyers:

Promoting your tax preparation services using Tax postcards and flyers

For tax firm marketing, your current clients are your best target. An existing customer is much more likely to get your tax services again over a brand-new prospect. You may already have a lot of clients who come back to you every year. But a little refresher wouldn’t hurt! Gen Z tends to make impulsive decisions at times. Thus, if you do not promote your tax services to your previous clients, they may choose your competitor this year, and you may miss out on a lot of money.

The first step to this strategy is to have a database of all your clients with their contact information. If you do not have it, or you are just starting, it is important to start building your client list. Once you have a list of all your customers (past and current), you need to promote your tax firm in a new unit of time. You cannot assume your past clients will just come back! You need to ask them to!

One way to reach your clients is through tax postcards. Even in this digital age, people still pay attention to their mail. However, mailing one tax postcard is not enough at all. You need to be repetitive and consistent with your tax postcard marketing. Another way to get Gen Z clients is by reaching out using flyers. It is an archaic method to hand out flyers in today’s world. However, the modern age requires modern ways. Digital flyers work great to attract the new generation. You can design flyers using financial services flyer templates on PosterMyWall. Professionally design your flyers and make them attractive enough to catch the eyes of people.

Make the New Client Onboarding Process Pain-Free:

When you do get new clients, how easy it is for them to get on board with your firm? One problem with Gen Z is that they lose interest very quickly. A little complexity in your onboarding process can make them choose your competitors over you.

Thus, a key to winning Gen Z clients is to make your onboarding process free of any hurdles. Having a streamlined onboarding process can be a huge boost to your new relationships. If you provide them with a memorable experience, your new clients are very likely to refer your firm.

A user-friendly and responsive website is paramount for the onboarding process. Make it easy for your clients to find all the information about your services. As most people acquire information on the go, ensure your website is mobile-friendly. Make all the resources available on mobile phones and increase your chances of attracting the new generation.

Google My Business Profile:

Google My Business profile

People nowadays search for businesses online before they make their decisions. Therefore, your prospects will definitely look online when searching for a tax preparation services provider.

Given that Google is the #1 search engine in the world, the best way to have a stronger online presence is to show up on Google. Create a free Google My Business profile. Add a book button on it to display contact details, a website link, and important information about your firm. If your prospects want to find out about your timings, or other details, they will most likely search it up for Google. This is why Google My Business is crucial for any business.

The new generation does not miss to read online reviews when choosing a business they want to work with. Thus, encouraging reviews is a great way to build a reputation for your tax firm. Reviews are not only helpful for client perception, but they also help you rank higher on Google.

Which of those businesses will grab your attention? The one with 5-star ratings, right? These ratings help your business stand out in the search results. Moreover, they add immeasurably to your credibility as well. However, do not assume that if a client leaves happy, they will give you a 5-star rating. You have to ask!

Blogging for Tax Business Marketing:

Gen Z spends most of their time on the internet. Thus, any modern tax firm should have a blog. Be it to impress your prospects, or to keep your clients updated. They do not only help you rank better in search results, but blogs also give you a chance to showcase your knowledge.

Tax professionals answer the same questions every year. Why not turn all these answers into a blog post? FAQs are a great way to do so. They are simple, informative, and demonstrate your knowledge about taxes and their laws. To improve your blog posts, attaching flyers, brochures, and guides would be a good idea.

Starting a blog today may not be beneficial to you this tax season but by the next season, you will see the results coming. People will see you as a knowledgeable source and your good content and keywords over the year will help you rank better on Google. All of this means more prospects finding your tax business website through search engines.

Start an Email Drip Campaign:

Start an Email drip campaign

A smart email campaign is one of the most effective ways to build relationships with your prospects. An email drip campaign is easy to set up and keeps your message in front of people who do not close right away. It is a series of messages sent out in a set order and a fixed schedule. For example:

  • A person joins your email list and you immediately send them email #1
  • A few days later, you send another email #2
  • A week after signing up, they receive email #3

And so on!

Send out at least 3 or more emails over the course of weeks to ensure you get their attention.

However, remember that your clients are busy. Keep your tax season emails short and to the point. Or no one will read them! Sending out brief newsletters regularly with tax articles is a great idea. Include the recipient’s name in the subject line to increase the open rate. Conclude the email with a question that makes them feel compelled to respond to. Make sure the emails go with the name your prospect can recognize. The “from” section of your emails should have your first and last name if that is how your clients recognize you. If you have a business name, use that.

Win Gen Z Clients – Now and Into the Future

To attain and retain new clients, a modern tax firm has to be proactive. Today’s world requires technology and innovative ideas. The transformational change in mindset is critical to stay ahead of your competitors. Thus, adapt the promotional tips from above and get Gen Z clients in no time.

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