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Finance is considered as a study of money and particularly how it is utilized. In refined terms, finance is defined as management of money which is inclusive of various activities such as; investing, lending, borrowing, saving, forecasting, and budgeting.

Finance is also considered as the activities associated with banking, debit, credit, money, and investment. Particularly and primarily there are three types of finance which are respectively 1) personal 2) public and 3) corporate. Here we will discuss the personal finances broadly.

If we considerably look at the relatively lower graded social status of the people living and breathing in it, we can see that many farmers are operating and managing at a profitable level for the very first time in many years. After the provision of the current Geo-political, geographical and social-political situation it cannot be told how long this price system will be up on going. Various analysts, scholars, reviewers and bankers project that all producers should utilize this time for preparing their finances for the year 2020.

There are certain steps towards preparing your finances for the year 2020. Those are respectively;

Analyzing the balance sheet properly 

When we consider the lenders they never want to be surprised. According to the study provided by Curt Covington Executive vice president of Farmer Mac, they declare that most of the farmers and some lenders concentrate and sometimes focus very much on the income statement and also income-related junctions rather than focusing very deeply on the balance sheet which creates many problems.

The below mentioned four procedures, as well as steps, can be adhered to properly maintain the balance sheet of yours.

Focusing upon the things that matter 

Operating and evaluating the lenders view working capital according to the skin in the process of borrowers’ Covington declares and foresees that no lender wants to finance cent percent of the borrower’s expenses. Lenders always want to share the risk management system with their borrowers. The lender always wants to design and look forward to a strong working capital position because they understand that the borrower is always wanting to put their money where their voice reaches.

Conscious choices about financial statement leverages 

It must be always remembered that as per the point of view of any person the money which is borrowed in good times specifically needs to be returned and repaid in times of need. As this preparation of finances are mostly convinced by Covington, he says that operational, equipment and usually real estate debts are easy to receive as well as easy to pay back during the relatively good times but those similar debt payments do not rush away during the times of necessity and it can very easily fantasize the whole business before even you know it.

Long Term Plans 

Farming along with any other business which you are doing is not at all a quick business where you can obtain money very quickly. Through the medium of good profits certainly, it can be repaid the very next year. If the balance sheet is weighed down with an unacceptable number of debts, then that can crash any business even at the peak of their time.

Equity matters more than assets 

Especially in the farming business along with the others, equity grows and develops according to the maximization of profit. Here again, Covington declares that if working capital is considered as the defense mechanism against the commodity price unpredictability, then equity is the guard of bankruptcy and the problems which are unsolvable.

Preparation of the Loan Requests 

In every other way loan requests and renewal season, it is definitely needed to be understood that what will be inclusive in the loan request applications. Peter Martin delivers the statement that the submission of a written document is extremely important to the loan request. Written documentation and record generally reduces the possibility of errors and in the processing of loan when it gets handed over to various persons. If the lender approves the request then obviously it is by the small projection of professionalism, process control, etc.

The four primary areas which are needed to be enlisted in the loan request helps to send the lender information about the operation. Those are respectively.

1. Stating the purpose of request mentioning where the request funds will be utilized in a single paragraph.

2. A detailed structural management analysis that outlines and focuses upon the ownership, operation, background and management overview as well as supervision technologies of the organization or the farm.

3. A proper financial analysis which can concentrate upon the previous 12 months.

4. A guarantor analysis projecting the guarantee of debt payment capability.

Replenishing the working capital 

It can be considered as the time to start thinking about replenishing the working capital. Working capital can be divided into annual expenditures which is said by Dave Kohl. He also further adds that the percentage of the working capital is more than 25 to 33 percent the condition is very strong but is it less than 10% of the expense the reserve tools will get hampered.

It is the best possible situation if the extended loans can be refinanced and the monthly payments can be lowered. Even though pertaining to the cash flow problem, the errors become less due to less equity.

Best Budget and Personal Finance Apps

Here is given a small brief and outlook of the various Budget apps and tools, personal finance tools and best of the best finance apps which can be utilized in the year 2020. Those can be mentioned respectively.

The budgeting apps are

1. Personal capital for the advanced users who want to track and follow the investments, net worth and cash flow.

cash flow

2. Mint for personal finance newcomers

Mint app

3. YNAB for visual learners

YNAB app

4. Albert for the people who want to set but reluctant about it afterward.

Albert app

5. Goodbudget for the envelope systems purists.

Goodbudget app

6. Clarity Money for subscription cutters.

Clarity Money app


The personal finance tools can be mentioned serially which are.

1) Midcap Equity Funds

2) Gold


4) Debt Mutual Funds

5) Public Provident Fund

There are also some other finance apps for android and IOS which are respectively; Wally, Acorns, Coinbase, Venmo, Robinhood, etc.

How to Save Money Fast?

The proper ways for saving money fast are respectively mentioned below.

1. Saving money by proper management.

2. Saving money fast by reducing spending.

3. Saving money by the mode of increasing income.

4. Saving money through getting radical.


These all can be considered as the medium for preparing your finances for 2020 which also takes care of any social status and form. Basically, it is a provision for all. Choose your best.

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