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Off-Grid Technology

Off-Grid Technology

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  1. What does off-grid mean?
  2. Why off-grid power?
  3. What is Clear Blue Technologies’ goal?
  4. What are their products?
  5. What makes those Illumients efficient?
  6. Nano-Grid
  7. Energy-as-a-service
  8. Esino nano
  9. Why could Clear Blue be an interesting investing opportunity?
  10. Future vision
  11. Conclusion
  12. Important

Although off-grid power technology isn’t new, it has recently emerged as a viable option for those looking to reduce their reliance on centralized electricity sources. As the world becomes increasingly digitized and globalized, the need for reliable, affordable electrical power will only continue to grow. Off-grid, power technology has the potential to fill this need.

Cloud Softwares can predict energy requirements and capabilities with accuracy by combining analytics with energy and weather forecasts. By balancing needs and available resources to ensure optimal uptime, an energy forecast enables proactive and efficient energy management.

Clear Blue Technologies is one company that can lead the way towards this evolution and offers the first off-grid products on the market.

What Does Off-Grid Mean?

The term “off-grid” refers to electricity users or systems that are not connected to the main electricity grid. These are usually located in remote areas, such as rural and regional areas. Electricity is more expensive in these areas because of the high cost of fuel for local power generators, usually diesel or natural gas.

Why Off-Grid Power?

Off-grid power gives the ability to control electricity systems from all over the world like smartphones, computers, and tablets. By doing so it’s possible to completely optimize power usage depending on natural or human circumstances.

In most cases, everything gets its power by being connected to the electrical grid which is expensive and may not be possible to install in rural areas or densely populated cities.

Renewable energy sources, such as solar panels, are simpler, cheaper, and environmentally friendlier. In addition, its installation takes less than a day and is therefore not too complicated.

What is Clear Blue Technologies’ Goal?

The Ontarian company was founded with a vision of delivering clean, managed, wireless power to meet the global need for reliable, low-cost, off-grid power for lighting and telecom devices.

The company offers 5 main products: The Ilumient, Nano-Grid, Pico-Grid, Energy-as-a-Service, and Esite Nano to help contribute to a modern world.

What are Their Products?

  • Illumient

Illumient advanced off-grid lighting solutions deliver low cost of ownership and high performance. There are four different product versions suitable for different climates, applications, and weather.

  • Strada Illumient

Strada Illumient

This solar/hybrid lighting technology is employed in high-traffic areas including highways, bridges, and roads. Solar and wind energy are the sources to empower this technology. The Ilumience platform and innovative

Energy-as-a-Service are included with the STRADA system for remote management, control, and cost savings.

  • CAMMI Illumient

CAMMI Illumient

For smaller-scale applications like sidewalk and side street illumination, this fully managed solar-powered lighting system uses lithium-ion batteries for extended life and is a cost-effective solution. Systems are remotely monitored, managed, and proactively maintained for more comfort.

CAMMI is suitable for several situations where non-mission-critical lighting is required but cost and reliability are still concerns for example parks.

  • Illumient Parco

Illumient Parco

The Illumient PARCO Series is a solar lighting option for playgrounds or paths that combines Illumient’s dependability and uptime with a more compact and streamlined design. Energy-as-a-Service, which provides managed energy control and has lower costs than conventional solutions.

PARCO is the option for regions that need dependable lighting and a long system life without the cost or difficulty of constructing grid infrastructure due to it’s simple installation and maintenance.

  • Illumient Senti

Illumient Senti

The Illumient SENTI Series is an “all-in-one” totally off-grid solar illumination solution. It’s used for ambient lighting applications such as pathways or regions where the grid is not required or available as an Illumient solution powered by Clear Blue’s unique EaaS and Smart off-grid technology. Also it’s the least expensive and most straightforward solar lighting option from Clear Blue.

What Makes Illumients Efficient?

They have smaller batteries, longer life, and uptime. Installation and maintenance are less expensive and even support all different systems in colder climate times. It’s also possible to rotate the turret and track all data with Cloud Management.



Nano-Grid is a simple, all-in-one system that requires no specific expertise to deploy. To reduce upfront costs and facilitate shipment and installation, its design is meant to meet customers’ individual power needs.

Remote management and control are possible with cloud software. Clear Blue offers availability with detailed insights into system performance and user-configured alerts and alarms.

The system’s energy requirements and capabilities can be predicted with accuracy by combining predictive analytics with energy and weather forecasts by balancing needs and available resources to ensure effective uptime, an energy forecast enables proactive and efficient energy management.


Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) is a subscription-based service that offers clean, wireless power for vital systems like off-grid streetlights, telecommunications networks, and Internet of Things (IoT) gadgets in addition to insurance for the cost of managing, maintaining, and replacing batteries in the power system.

Esino Nano

For big telecom systems all around the world, the hybrid smart power solution known as the Nano-Site power system provides affordable, dependable power. For both solar-only and solar-hybrid telecom installations, Nano-Site offers trustworthy 24V and 48V systems.The power systems runs on Smart Off-Grid technology and is remotely controlled by Illumience, a cloud control platform.

Why Could Clear Blue Be an Interesting Investing Opportunity?

  • -Small cap with limited resources
  • -Delays because of Covid
  • -China’s dependency on Lithium batteries
  • -Revenue decline from 2021 to 2022
Revenue $20222021%

Clear Blue Q3 earnings call

+ Revenue increase with Pico grid power solution

+51% recurring revenue increase the last four trailing quarters from $488,136 to $736,969 (revenue that is expected to continue in the future by subscriptions/ongoing services) of 51% to 2021

+ Forecasted increasing revenue thanks to customer rollbacks to 2023

+ Acquisition of eSite power systems allows to expand its offerings in the smart energy market and provide more comprehensive solutions to its customers

+ Lower operating expenses

+ Capex (money invested by a company to acquire or upgrade fixed assets for technology) is 40% lower than traditional grid solution

+ Optimized power usage with predictive energy and weather forecasting

+ Rollout contracts with MTN (200 million customers in 22 countries), Vodafone (300 million customers in 21 countries), and Orange (214 million customers in 26 countries)

+ Customers (NASA, Meta, Orange, Parallel Wireless, Viasat, MTN, and the New York state department of transportation

+ Telecom market increasing with 20.000 new sites and 70.000 conversions to solar hybrid every year

+ Market presence with only smart grid products that are present in 37 countries, more than 400 customers, more than 10.48 million days of operation, and 10 billion cloud transactions.

Future Vision

In the future, the company will try to expand its relations with other companies in as many locations as possible. Soon the North American market will be preferred with the medium and low telecom niche, the market size has an equity of 73%. Also, a subsidiary will open in Nigeria to strengthen its market presence.

For the coming business year, a strong increase in revenue is expected. The Pico grid power solution and the customer rollbacks this year will be vital factors. For the customer market, uncertainties lead to conservative spending. Once the market stabilizes customers will be more consistent and if customer rollouts prove to be successful other companies and countries will adopt their technology.

In addition, the company wants to optimize costs and profit margins to ensure a positive EBITDA and net zero cash burn.


All in all, Clear Blue can help to lead the way to a more digital, sustainable, and greener world. Optimizing energy usage by tracking all important data can boost the Smart homes/streets trend that will be trendy more and more in the future.

As an investor, it can be interesting as being the first in a sector can result in a good market position in the long term in a future trillion dollar market. Sustainable energy is just starting to replace traditional technology but in just a couple of years, a takeover is expected.Having good strategic partnerships, expanding early, and having patented cloud technology can make the company an interesting investment for investors.


Please note that this is not financial advice in any form and investments should only be done after research was made. Also be aware that I did not invest in Clear Blue Technologies. However my opinion might be biased. This article only shows my opinion and can only be viewed as a presentation not an inducement for investing. No liability assumed for incorrect balance sheet figures and information leading to an investment! , Before starting to invest it’s important to learn some basics, check them out here.

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