Longevity Secrets from Super Agers

Be a Super Ager

Habits of Super Agers

Who doesn’t want to age like fine wine? Recent studies about “super-agers” from around the world have revealed some fascinating findings, which we will get into in a moment.

Nearly a third of the general population over 90 suffers from dementia, while another third suffers from memory loss. However, researchers are intrigued by aging individuals who have maintained good health well into their dotage.

It’s no secret that how we age has a lot to do with how we live physically and socially. Interestingly, studies suggest that healthy super-agers age differently not because of their genes but because of how they live.

Therefore, we may be in control to a greater extent than we realize, even though some individuals are genetically inclined to have good health and live longer. However, according to specialists, only 20% to 30% of our lifespan may be attributed to our DNA. Our habits and living standards can influence 70 to 80 percent of our aging.

In recent years, modern research revealed to the world the new group they call the super-agers. These individuals are far more healthy and physically active than others compared to peers in that age group.

How to Be a Super Ager?

Well, there is no definitive plan, however, research does give us a few hints. A healthy diet and regular exercise will make the aging process far more exciting.

To ensure a long and a healthy life, you should go for regular medical checkups and seek professional help when necessary.

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If you want to live a longer life than the average American age, you should heed the following advice which has been extracted from a number of scientific studies.

Avoid Chronic Inflammations

According to scientific research, persistent inflammation can become significant and aggravatehyperglycemia, tumor, heart diseases, and other conditions. Exercise and a healthy diet helps overcome inflammation.

Keep Yourself in Good Shape

The best you can do by yourself as you age is to maintain decent activity levels. Exercising helps your body consume more oxygen, allowing it to function more efficiently. In addition, a good workout is good for heart health. Exercise also reduces injuries and fractures in the muscles.

You can keep a healthy weight by staying physically active and fit. For people over 30 BMI, the risk of Alzheimer’s disease triples. By exercising only twice a week, you can lower your risk of developing Alzheimer’s in the future.

Avoid Taking Stressing

Although stress is inevitable, you do have the power to alter your situation and prevent negative feelings from festering. Long-term stress can sometimes lead to burnout, cripples your mind, and nibbles away at your creative capacities.

Programs and services that encourage emotional management and self-discipline may enhance long-term health outcomesby reducing the detrimental effects of chronic stress.

Choose a Healthy Lifestyle

The food you eat has an impact on how you look. Making a few changes to your diet can help you maintain a healthy-looking skin and physique. Trans-fats are a low-quality diet option that leadto inflammation, limiting your ability to age gracefully.

Consuming excessive sugar and refined carbs might damage the collagen that keeps your skin elastic and wrinkle-resistant.

Consider adopting a Mediterranean-style diet: Veggies, fruits, whole grains, low-fat dairy, and lean protein can help you stay healthy and maintain a glowing appearance.

Consume whole foods that are as close to their original form as possible. Since your skin is primarily composed of protein, it will show if you do not consume enough nutritious protein in your diet.

Keep Challenging Yourself

The importance of mental activity cannot be overstated. Do not worry if Sudoku isn’t your cup of tea. It is possible to engage your mental faculties in other ways.

For example, take a class that puts you outside your comfort zone, or read an article on a topic you’re unfamiliar with. Brain stimulation and engagement will be enhanced through cognitively demanding activities.

Studies reveal that people who belong to the super ager group have a habit of constantly challenging themselves. As a result, they’re able to prevent the onset of dementia and other such memory-related ailments.

The importance of continuing to learn is underscored by the fact that itallows you to become mentally resilient well into your late years. With mental activities, you can ensure that your brain grows stronger, much like how muscles get stronger by lifting weights.

Take care of yourself

Keeping yourself fit and healthy goes beyond eating healthy or exercising regularly. In order to truly live well beyond your prime, you need to practice a bit of self-love every now and then.

Self-care isn’t just about your physical needs, like eating, drinking, and sleeping. It also includes focusing on aspects of your external beauty and inner peace. Take time to treat yourself once in a while. Take care of your physical appearance.

Regularly apply sheet masks and use moisturizing creams as they help in keeping your skin firmand looking youthful. You can also channel your inner energy through yoga.

The Way Forward

You can achieve longevity, as far as it could be achieved, with the above-mentioned tips. These tips are not only easy to follow but extremely effective at boosting your quality of life. It’s no coincidence that super-agers achieve such great results by following an active lifestyle and a healthy diet.

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