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When it comes to making investments we often get stressed with questions like: where to invest, when to invest, how to begin an investment, and so on.

Moneyfy, launched by Tata Capital, provides you with an answer to all these questions with an easy way to invest in mutual funds. The app simplifies your investment journey by empowering you to invest in the different mutual fund schemes.

We all know that investing in mutual funds is one of the best ways to grow money. So, whether you are a beginner who is interested in investing or you have already been into investments, this fantastic investment app offers you the best suitable plans to meet your finance goals. With this robust app you can track, manage and invest in the different mutual funds schemes hassle-free and on your own.

We understand that before investing via app, many questions come to our mind. This blog has covered some of the most common questions asked by investors regarding Moneyfy.

Why Tata Capital’s Moneyfy App is Trustworthy?

tata capital

Brand Tata is known for its trust and value. It stands on the foundation of knowledge, strength and reliability. This investment app, “Moneyfy” provides you with a simple way to invest in mutual funds. The belief of this app, “Time to get your money into action” is itself enough to assure you that if you opt for Moneyfy, you will surely invest your money in the right direction. This app provides you full investment functionalities that allows you to manage your finance effortlessly.


What are the core features of the Moneyfy App?

  • A fully digitalized process empowers investors’ entire KYC to be “Investment Ready ” on Moneyfy.
  • Customers can invest in mutual funds with as small an amount as Rs.500
  • Without any issue, investors can start and tune their month to month SIP. investments.
  • With the help of the SIP calculator, an investor can calculate his/ her return on the investment.
  • Customers can also make customized financial plans hassle-free
  • Customers on Moneyfy can analyze distinctive finances, make an investment, withdraw cash instantly Rs. 50,000, and also purchase coverage from various sets of providers.
  • You can use this app to diversify your investment portfolio by investing in equity mutual funds, liquid funds, governmental bonds, and a few more at one click.
  • With this app, you can analyze and manage your portfolio, compare the returns from different funds, and immediately redeem your cash.
  • The Moneyfy app allows you to set SMART financial targets and invest smartly.

What are the Services Provided by the Moneyfy App?

Moneyfy App deals with three services that are mentioned below:

  • Investments
  • Loans
  • Insurance

Let’s delve into their details.

1.  Investments

A total of three categories of investments are conceivable through Moneyfy.

  • Mutual Funds:

This app comes with a DIY feature that enables us to build an investment portfolio on our own on the following basis:

  • By AMC.
  • By fund manager
  • Tax Benefits
  • Risk Ratings
  • Minimum SIP amount
  • Fund size

This app offers various kinds of mutual funds, for example, mid-cap, large-cap, small-cap, multi-cap, liquid assets, credit risk funds, banking, and PSU debt reserve.

With this app, Investors can invest in various leading funds like AXIS Mutual Fund, Baroda MF, Birla Sunlife Mutual Fund, BNP Paribas Mutual Fund, BOI Axa Mutual Fund, Canara Robeco MF, DHFL – PGIM Mutual Fund, D.S.P. Mutual Fund, Edelweiss Mutual Fund, Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund, etc.

  • Instant Redemption Funds:

The app offers liquid asset plans where the advantage is that you can easily redeem your money when needed. You can either redeem Rs: 50,000 or 90% of the invested sum. Your sum is credited in 2 minutes and, in rare cases in 30 minutes.

  • Risk Profile:

Investing in the market is all about risk and return. The higher your risk, the better your return. Risk profile is an assessment of an investor’s willingness and capacity to face risk. Companies use a risk profile to alleviate the potential risk associated with the investment.

2. Loans

You will be glad to know that Moneyfy also offers you an instant loan facility. In case you need a quick loan for your personal purchases, you can apply for it from this app directly. The process of applying for a loan is straightforward and hassle-free. Moreover, it offers you flexible EMI options.

3. Insurance

Along with investments, you can use Moneyfy to avail insurance like, travel insurance, health insurance, two-wheeler insurance, critical health insurance, and private car insurance.

All in all, if you are a great financer who needs investment, insurance, loan facility under one roof, then you must download Moneyfy in your phone.

What are the tools provided by Moneyfy?

Moneyfy offers you three essential tools that are required to make an investment decision wisely. These tools are mentioned below.

  • SIP Calculator

The SIP Calculator gives you a clear idea how much money you will need to invest in SIP to achieve your ultimate financial goal.

  • EMI Calculator

When you apply for insurance and a loan, the first thing you do is calculate the EMI. You can know the EMIs with one click on the app.

  • Life Coverage Calculator for Insurance

With this tool, you can calculate the life coverage based on age, annual income, and tenure period.

End Note..

Moneyfy by Tata Capital assists you in making an investment with ease. This app allows investors to choose mutual funds as per your requirements, investment goals, and risk appetite.

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