Get Self-Employed Truck Driver Health Insurance Now

Health Insurance for Truck Drivers

Truck Drivers Health Insurance

Many truck drivers lack access to health insurance, which reduces their quality of life and the productivity of the firm. This article discusses how you can get health insurance for your truck drivers now, despite having low- or no income.

What is Truck Drivers Insurance?

Truckers health insurance will help to protect them while they are on the road. The benefits of this insurance include lost wages and medical bills related to accidents. Proper coverage can also include lifetime accidental death and dismemberment coverage with no waiting period. Those who are self-employed and driving a truck for their livelihood have something to worry about. After all, those who drive trucks across long distances face innumerable risks such as job instability, numerous injuries, and reckless driving accidents. Truck Driver Health Insurance protects these individuals against financial losses that come with any unforeseen emergency.

A Comparison of Self Employment Health Plans

Our self-employment plans provide more choices than any other plan that provides health insurance for truck drivers. Choose from over 60000 carriers across the nation! With our broker help, you can choose truck driver health insurance plans with your specific needs such as more & better benefits, drugs only, low deductibles. They vary based on monthly rates for months in a row up to 2 years!

Do I need to be Self Employed to Get Truck Driver Health Insurance?

No, to become a truck driver you don’t need to be self-employed. In fact, the vast majority of truck drivers work for someone else. With that in mind, your best bet may be the Federal Employees Program which includes health insurance coverage. Be aware that your company may instead offer a retiree benefits program which may or may not offer health and vision too.

What are Self Employed Health Insurance Premiums?

It is important for businesses to know the rates of health insurance, in case an employee slips up. When people begin their own business, it can be even more expensive. The premium for health insurance for one year for an individual is about $1300 with Blue Cross and Blue Shield. We reviewed 6 different companies to find out who offers the best prices and customer satisfaction. Self-employed health insurance is one of the most commonly sought-after benefits. Benefits you typically receive with this type of coverage include prescription discounts, lower deductible amounts and more rewards for preventive care visits.

Shifting Your Insurance Pays Better

If you’re out of work and uninsured, there is just one option, which is self-employed insurance. But the truth is that health insurance for truck drivers can be pricey. And some factors that make a difference when considering whether or not to buy this type of insurance are sometimes hidden from views like the list price, discount percentage and personal health status rating.

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to critical illness insurance coverage. Many drivers don’t know the difference between a company policy and an individual policy and they tend to opt for the company policy because it provides more benefits and therefore, often at a lower cost. Considered as one of the most unstable careers, truck drivers may find that they are not eligible for government-subsidized healthcare programs like Medicare or Medicaid.

The potential reward comes in the form of better purchasing power in health coverage policies after being self-employed for a certain period of time.


If you’re looking to become an owner-operator, talk with a member of the VIN Truck Insurance Sales Team. Whether it’s your first truck or your last, one thing is sure: We’ll have you covered from start to finish.

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