How to Get Faster Internet Speed in Hawaii as a Local

Faster Internet Speed

If you are someone residing in the locality of Hawaii or maybe you are someone who is planning to visit Hawaii you must have presumed about having the internet at super-fast speed.

Well, this is the common thing as the internet has become a fundamental part of our lives which needs a standard bandwidth and speed necessities. But, sadly in Hawaii, there is a fall in common speed than the common speed of the US. In addition, it can also vary a lot. According to statistics broadband in Hawaii is decreasing in half of 50 states with 10Mbps common speed which means sometimes you won’t get the kind of speed you want although, you are paying a huge amount for having full speed internet.

Let’s dive into what alternatives we have to get access to the high speed of the internet in Hawaii and how the speed can be enhanced.

Low numbers of ISP is limiting the speed of the internet in Hawaii. When you talk about the speed of the internet there, typically we have four internet service providers.

  • Time Warner Cable (Cable) now Spectrum – biggest ISP countrywide and best possible speeds.
  • Hawaiian Telcom (DSL) – massive coverage, lowest speeds.
  • TW Telecom (Fiber or Other Copper Wireline)
  • Sandwich Isles (DSL, Fiber, or Other Copper Wireline)

Enormous population i.e. 98% of people have gotten cable internet for themselves but only 7% of them have the right to fiber entry. If you are facing a lot of problems while using the internet, probably there are possible four following problems:

  • Your connection is strangled by your ISP.
  • Your router has some issues.
  • The ISP of many people in your locality is the same, this is why you get to face troubles in hours when utilization of the internet is high.

Firstly, what you need to do is to check if it is your router that is causing the problem. If not, then the problem might be in your ISP. So, the fittest option for you is to use another connection and try both of them into one with the app ‘VPN” and take a few internet speed tests online.

If the speed differs from the one you are paying for, or is way too less, on multiple devices and different times of the day i.e. peak hours and off-peak hours as well – you should report this issue to the customer service department. ISPs have very energetic CS teams so they will be able to address your concerns. Spectrum Hawaii is known in the state and of course countrywide too for its tremendous services, cheaper prices than almost all, winning the ISP market with no-contract policy, perks, and so much more to unveil for new customers.

Since the mid of December 2017, after internet neutrality being revoked, the main issue is that your ISP might want to strangle your access to the internet for some progressive offers. Specifically, the ones that are bandwidth-intensive, for example, video streaming, online games, etc. Also, they can charge a greater amount if someone wants to get the carrier at full speed.

Use a VPN carrier that mixes a few connections into one to provide a better faster and safer internet experience. VPNs can be downloaded for free in Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android phones. So downloading a VPN is the best option available to get faster internet in Hawaii.

Secondly, you need to have an internet connection on your PC. Most PCs have only one Wi-Fi card and a sole Ethernet port.

Then you need to connect your PC with another source of the internet. The best thing would be joining it to the second Wi-Fi supply.

The last step would be opening the VPN. The app itself will connect the two sources and will mix them into one speedy channel. Which will result in an internet experience with a speed of light, which you couldn’t even imagine before?

VPNs can be used for mixing any kind of connections including :

  • Combining a DSL and a cable net connection
  • Combining two DSL connections
  • Combining two cable connections

Moreover, using a VPN will help protect your information while keeping it inaccessible to hackers and data investigators. Even the ISP you use would not be able to decipher what website you are using.

VPN will allow you to browse the web, movies, and songs without any trouble. With a VPN app, you can enjoy the buffering and interruption-free internet experience like never before.

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