13 Ways to Make Money While Travelling

Travelling and Earn Money

Earn Money While Travelling

Travelling is always a fun and lots of people often dream to get paid for travelling. Well, that is something difficult, but it is certainly possible to earn money while you are travelling. You can easily earn enough money to sustain your travel expense while you are on the go. Let us look at some of the ways that can help you with Making Money While you are travelling. Before you go through the list, let us tell you that these are not just hypothetical ways to earn money but they actually work.

Here is how you can earn money while travelling for business or vacation.

  1. Photography– Stock Photos are always in great demand and you can start clicking stock photos to sell them on various different portals. A simple google search can show you results for the websites that let you sell these stock photos and this is the easiest way to make money while travelling if you have good instruments to capture the pictures.
  1. Freelancing– If you are travelling by train and have a long journey ahead, then you can utilize your travel time to freelance. You can work as a content writer or you can pick up the projects which are matching to your skills.
  1. Travel Blog– Travel blog attracts lots of people. You can make a blog and start talking about the places your You can also discuss your itinerary in your blog for those people are always in love with such an article. Help them with the best hotels and eating joints in that area and share your experience. Link your blog to Google Adsense Ac, you will be able to make good earnings with the blog.
  1. Vlogs– Apart from a regular blog, vlogs are trending a long and that can help you in getting a lot of YouTube followers and you can monetize your videos. A simple example could be, if you are travelling on a Heritage Train in India then you can make a vlog about the same and people are going to love it. You can book the tickets of train or heritage train via IRCTC Next Generation
  1. Street Performing– If you are travelling abroad then you can resort to street performing. It is a part of their culture and people end up donating you if they love to your performance.
  1. Promoting Your Business– You can also promote your business while travelling. Share your business cards to make the listing of your business on online portals. You can also use IRCTC Next Generation Promotion Tab to promote your business with IRCTC.

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  1. Sales– Another good way to earn is to buy the locally sourced products and then you can sell them on the internet. This always gets you good revenue.
  1. Teach English– While travelling abroad lot of people are interested in learning English. If you are fluent in English then you can mix up with locals and take English classes for a small fee.
  1. Work as a Bartender– If you are looking for interesting work, and then check out with the hotel and you might get yourself a job of a bartender. This also gets you a free entry to a happening party.
  1. Temporary Work–Backpacking trips are quite popular now and people love to stay in hostels for the duration. Most of the hostels need a workforce and you can be a part of their temporary workforce. This can help you in getting a free stay.
  1. Import and Export– Another lucrative option is Import and Export. You can take along local products to your travel destination and sell it up with local re sellers.
  1. Seasonal Work– If you are planning a vacation to a place which is known for seasonal visits like a Ski Resort then you can get yourself a job in such a sector which needs seasonal workers.
  1. Teach a Skill– We have already talked about teaching English but you can also involve yourself with teaching new skills to people. It could be a musical instrument or any other skill that you think you have mastered.

These were some of the best ways to earn while travelling and do not forget to book your tickets via IRCTC Next Gen Portal while you plan to travel in India.

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