How to Create a Stock Trading Website for Advisory?

How To Build a Trading Platform

how to build a trading platform

A stock trading advisory site needs some unique features that are not there in regular websites. Apart from providing stock market forecasts and real-time status, your website should be able to handle tremendous traffic and have the highest level of security as it handles transactions at a huge scale. This is the reason why you need the best website development service in USA to build one.

What is an Online Stock Trading Advisory Website?

A stock trading advisory site is one that focuses more on educating investors regarding stock market trading. You do get access to the real-time status of the market and may or may not be able to trade through the site directly. Its primary focus is on providing you with educational videos – both live and recorded, market forecasts and training execution modules.

What Do You Need to Create an Online Stock Trading Advisory Site?

There are two things important for creating an online stock trading website for advisory. Firstly, you need to be a qualified advisory yourself and need to have a license as per the country’s law to run a website like that. Secondly, you need to hire a professional website development service in USA to build a user-friendly platform for your clients.

Here’s what an investor will look for from a stock trading advisory website:

  • Trustworthiness
  • Transparency
  • Popularity
  • User-friendly
  • Flexible
  • Multiple services
  • Profitability

An investor will trust a website that is regulated by the law of the country they reside in. After all, based on the knowledge and insights provided by you, he’ll be risking his earnings into investing in the right place.

However, that is not all. Given that there are plenty of online stock trading platforms these days, providing you with access to the stock market, a trading account of your own along with forecasts and tutorials, you do have a good amount of competition at an international level.

What Features Does Your Stock Trading Advisory Website Need?

A regular ecommerce website has very basic features compared to a stock trading website. The former requires you to list products, provide real-time inventory information, shopping cart, payment gateway integration and real-time order tracking status. However, listing on a stock trading website is somewhat different.

The stock trading market is a lot busier and changes every second. You need a continuous, real-time, live update of the market the entire time. Moreover, everything that is happening in the financial market at the moment affects its forecasts. Thus, apart from listing the financial instruments, you need to show a real-time live update and status of the financial market and its instruments along with a reliable forecast.

Following are the features that your website requires:

1. A User-Friendly Software

If you are providing full-fledged stock trading services, you need a very user-friendly software to make it convenient for your clients to use. From searching financial instruments to monitoring the real-time status of the market, everything should be easy for the client to operate. Adding filters on the search index, providing an easy-to-understand interface and providing smooth functionality makes a software user-friendly.

2. Providing Accurate Data

Stock trading websites primarily need to focus on providing all the necessary data that your client needs before he makes an investment decision. From getting real-time insights into the market to getting accurate forecasts, every detail needs equal attention.

3. Well-Optimized Site

Every website needs to have a proper loading speed of less than 3 seconds. However, a stock trading advisory website has a lot of video content along with live and real-time updates of the stock market. Additionally, if you provide stock market trading services too, then your website will be receiving double the traffic. All of these factors lead to making the website slow.

This is the reason why you need to hire the right professional for website development service in USA to optimize a site loaded with maximum data.

4. Security at a Higher Level

Any stock trading site will have heavy monetary transactions taking place. If your website isn’t secure enough for such transactions, the loss is heavier than losing out on clients at the moment. Moreover, this fund transfer needs to be quick, easy and convenient for the client too. Hence, you need to ensure that you create a secure and responsive website for facilitating the same.

5. Push Notifications

When an investor creates an account on a financial trading advisory site, it means he wants to create and maintain a good portfolio. He’ll be willing to get real-time updates from time to time. The feature of push notifications to provide important market updates thus becomes important to provide your client with a better-quality trading experience.

6. Personalization

One of benefits of having your own account on any website is that you get information and updates that are related to your previous online activities first. On a stock trading website, you can provide a watchlist to your clients that can enhance their trading experience.

7. Demo Account or Free Trial

To help beginners and build trust in your potential clients, most websites have been providing free trials and demos. On online stock trading platforms, beginners get the privilege of a demo account where they can practice trading with fictitious money before stepping into the real world. Others provide limited free trials to customers that helps them understand how they’ll benefit from using the website.

How to Go About the Process of Developing Your Website?

You know what your website mainly needs in order to work. A stock trading advisory website needs a lot of complicated features that you cannot add yourself. Hence, you need to set your budget, hire a good website development service in USA and state what you need in your website. This service is not just for developing the website one time but having a frontend and backend team for maintaining the website all throughout. This helps you ensure smooth functioning of the website without any security or technical errors.

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