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Stocks are going on a roller coaster ride, and we’re witnessing big crashes and significant upturns. We’re not yet in a situation to say with confidence that financial markets have seen the worse. Still, there’s a possibility that stocks would go severely downgrading again with another wave of COVID-19 spread.

However, the United Arab Emirates in general and Dubai, in particular, are better positioned to make good use of globalization. It’s because of the globalized nature of capital, technology, and labor there. However, some impact would surely be felt across the middle east world. It’s so because we live in an era where global interdependence and inter-connectivity are the norms. While Dubai, along with other Emirati nations, is yet to evaluate this global pandemic’s havoc thoroughly, undoubtedly, the healthcare measures for stopping the spread have significant negative impacts on the globe’s financials.

Some venture capitalists have started visualizing the world after COVID-19, and Dale Ventures’ CEO and founder Dale W Wood is one of them. Being the founder of Dubai-based personal investment holding group and venture capital company Dale Ventures—he sees investment opportunities that he thinks would surely make money.

Let’stalk about the statistics to understand better how this pandemic is affecting the global economy. Initial assessment suggests an almost 50% downfall in the foreign direct investment in the current financial year. International trade has fallen to nearly one-third, and passenger traffic has decremented by more than half. Dubai’s economy is very much dependent upon mass migrations and global trade. The middle east is the region that has a petroleum-based economy primarily with an expeditionary labor force. Both of these have been heavily affected due to lockdown measures imposed all across the globe.

“A lot of investors are waiting in anticipation of the things to finally unfold, so that they may take it further. I see that they need to be proactive as during COVID-19 valuations are quite lower. I consider the downturn an excellent time to start something new because people remain focused on only one thing—finding real value for them.”

Dale W Wood’s background is quite a fit for being a venture capitalist. He has heard a lot of ideas in his career.

Financers from Latin America, miners from South Africa, and technology enthusiasts from Australia—all have put forward some revolutionizing ideas before him. He has even heard ideas that never came to existence. Throughout his career, he has witnessed futuristic concepts converting to giant enterprises. He has even seen very promising haunches fail and falter. By putting his long-drawn experience and multiple successes and failures, Dale W Wood has learned the art of recognizing what it takes to turn an idea to reality.

“Ideas come and go,” Wood—founder and CEO of Dubai-based global investment firm Dale Ventures, said. “But it’s hard work, prudent implementation, and relentless dedication that make an idea to a thriving reality.”

Since its founding, Dale Ventures has helped turn great ideas into the “next big thing.” Wood has invested his time, money, and resources in many high-potential ventures worldwide, including—Instanda, Huma, Rayo Credit, TechMet, and others.

Dale Ventures’ creation came after many years of challenging work, complex experiences, and “failing forward.” He is an alumnus of Southern Methodist University’s Edwin L. Cox School of Business, where he earned an international business MBA.



Name:            Dale W Wood

Born:              1968                                                   

Citizenship:    Costa Rica, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda

Education:      Texas A&M University (BBA, Marketing, 1987-1993; BBA, Management, 1987-1993), Edwin L. Cox School of Business, Southern Methodist University (MBA, International Business), Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education

Occupation:   Venture Capitalist    


Years active:   1999—Present

Titles:  Founder and CEO of Dale Ventures – FZE, President and CEO of Netualize, Inc, President, and CEO of HealthYes! Preventive Screening


Dale Ventures has a strong interest in well-being and health care industries, and this is where Dale W Wood sees epic transformation happening post-pandemic. Dale Ventures has made significant investments in British healthcare technology company Huma, which is on the way to become the unicorn of the healthcare technology world.

“We are closely watching health technology domain,also called HealthTech. Innovations in healthcare technology have played a crucial role in building a powerful response against COVID-19. Moving forward, startups that are planning for the healthcare future certainly would be better positioned for success. Half a decade ago, there was a strong focus on financial inclusion. Providing banking services to the unbanked through the intuitive use of mobile devices was the basis of the FinTech revolution. A similar transformation is going to happen in the HealthTech sector. It will be about providing medicinal delivery, e-diagnostics, and telemedicine to people in remote areas. There is a big opportunity in providing health care services to millions of people in emerging markets just like the way it was an opportunity in the FinTech.”, he added.

Dale Venture sees investment opportunities in Dubai and other countries in the middle east region. “Things are unfolding very interestingly in the MENA region and really great innovations are happening. The region is large. It is very diverse in terms of languages, ethnicities, systems of governance, and financial opportunities. At Dale Ventures, we’ve always understood that regional problems have regional, localized solutions. Further they can be tailored in accordance with specifics of the area and scaled up.”, Dale W Wood said, bringing attention to his investment in the British healthcare innovator Huma, which has played an essential role in the development and testing of Astra-Zeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine.

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