The Handy Guide for Insurance Agents to Instagram

Instagram Marketing Strategy

Instagram Marketing Strategy

Instagram has gone through the hub of many insurance agents. Everyone knows that Facebook and LinkedIn are the perfect tools to promote their insurance agency and generate massive leads.

You know more about the platform, and that’s why you are here. You are likely to see on Instagram vast businesses promote themselves on picture-based social media networks. But your big question may be how you could use such a picture-based network as an insurance agent.

Here, we have gathered more points than you expect on what you want on Instagram as a marketing factor, how to utilize it effectively as an insurance agent, and also for your insurance agency.

Instagram Facts That You Want To Know

Instagram was introduced in the year 2010, and within a short time, it became the crucial social media platform across the world for every niche peoples. With the advertising platform launching and an active & colossal user base, Instagram shines as a marketing gem for every type of business.

     A Quick Facts About Instagram

  • Seeing its powerful and incredible reach, Facebook owned Instagram for one billion USD in 2012.
  • Instagram contains above 400 million active users every day and over 550 million active users every month.
  • The user base on Instagram is boosting faster than the usage of social platforms in the US generally. The platform would develop 15.5% this year when compared to 3.5% social platform growth entirely.
  • Over 60% of users on Instagram used the network every day in 2015, with 40% who visited multiple times every day. The number 60% points out the 15-point boost from the previous year when 55% of users on Instagram reported launching the platform every day.
  • In a recent study, engagement for each post has grown at a rate of 55% every year.

Why Every Insurance Agent Want To Utilize Instagram

You want to utilize the network because your valuable & active clients are using the platform effectively. Marketing on social media’s primary goal is to develop strong relationships on Instagram where your active customers primarily present.

With your objective in mind, Instagram is the perfect network for every business at present.

     Five Major Reasons Why Every Insurance Agent Like Instagram

  • Uploading posts on Instagram is effortless. You could do it from your mobile itself.
  • Instagram audiences are most engaging to the posts they like, and they interact more than LinkedIn and Twitter, and it is more elementary to attain organic reach than Facebook.
  • Though a vast growth rate of users on the platform, insurance agencies are prolonged to utilize the platform’s advantage in their marketing strategy. It means there is less competition for your industry-related posts that helps you to shine easily on Instagram if you show your presence.
  • Your content on Instagram could also be shared to your other social media platforms, helping increase your content creation ROI and get massive awareness of your agency.
  • Social media grabs heavy traffic than other online sources, and Instagram is the most famous social media platform where most businesses land their presence to promote their services and products.

Till now, we have seen the potential of the stunning network Instagram now; let’s see points about how to promote your insurance agency on the platform.

Marketing On Instagram For Insurance Agents

Every digital marketing executive says “content is king,” but the term is false on Instagram. Exclusive images and stunning graphics won’t provide you a massive following base on the platform. Also, there is no need for any professional photographers to make your content more attractive.

Just launch a profile on Instagram, making it good-looking through uploading HQ(High Quality) images and simple design. Nowadays, every smartphone acquires an in-built HD camera, so clicking high-quality photos is always more accessible for you.

If you want some editing to your images, Snapseed is best for Android and IOS platforms. Superb info that WordSwag is the perfect app for spreading quotes on the platform. And also, there are two ways to share-worthy posts on Instagram – Canva (free graphic design and editing software) and Unsplash (free high-resolution images).

  • Utilize Hashtags

Once you have completed a post on Instagram, you need to ensure that the post gets seen by most potential clients. Here the hashtags enter to make tremendous magic.

Unlike on Twitter and Facebook, Instagram’s hashtag system works superbly. In simple words, searching and applying the primary hashtags to your insurance agency is the essential strategy to bring massive success to the platform.

You need some solid time to find nearly ten hashtags to reach your target market and audience that you wish to dominate. Additionally, you need to apply hashtags relatable to your Instagram content and the branded hashtags.

  • Include CTA(Call To Action)

A prominent backdrop of the platform is that you can’t add clickable links to your Instagram posts. It’s the primary reason that every business is afraid to admit Instagram into their marketing strategy. Many think it stops bringing the massive traffic, but it is proven that it’s not a big issue to grab your target traffic.

If you need to land your audience on your target page, then add a clickable link in your profile, then instruct your audience through feeds, stories, reels, IGTV, highlights, etc., to click the link in the profile. For example, you could give a link to your insurance agency website and customer converting target page.

Placing CTA in your posts of particular content format like reels gets you more impression on Instagram with an immense reach of your content. Your post lands on your target audience, and it helps them to recognize your brand regularly.

Every marketing-related post needs to conclude with Call-To-Action(CTA) that asks your audience to land on your profile because you badly want them to your site where they might turn into a customer.

  • Personal Profile Strategy On Instagram

As an agent, you could keep your fans, families, and friends more fun on social media. In addition, it is one of the influential business tools for brand awareness, lead generation, and networking.

Insurance agents depend on strong relationships to gain new customers; that’s why you need to have a personal account on social media. Additionally, you are developing your brand into an insurance agent.

You need to post content that helps the audience to know you well through your profile. Also, you need to be thoughtful about your Instagram behaviors because the wrong content lowers your presence and your insurance agency presence within a short time.

Focus more on building a conversation and be helpful for your audience from your profile rather than selling your mind. It is harder to develop a community and develop your brand when the audience thinks you only support one to provide service to them.

If you have established yourself well and developed great relationships, the audience visits the link in your profile, or they DM you for extra info about your products and services.

Instagram Profile Of Your Agency

Your agency profile on Instagram (business account) must be more promotional than your regular profile. It means you need to make your posts more fun and creative and maintain consistency with your insurance brand.

     Five Best Posts For Agencies On Instagram

  • A meme contest/picture
  • Photos from events
  • Testimonial video contents and quotes
  • Profile shout out
  • FAQ answers
  • BTS(Behind The Scene) of your agency.

Uploading frequency is more crucial, and you should regularly upload if you want to develop your brand on the platform. A great start, a minimum of five posts is appreciable every week, or two posts a day is a good move.

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