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Types of Fundraiser

No matter how high membership fees are to your club, organization, or team, fundraising is always a great idea to gain support from outsiders in order to bring your group closer together. Some organizations use proceeds from a specific fundraiser to help pay for a trip or for a member to participate when they can’t afford his or her dues. Sports teams use money raised from fundraisers to pay for new uniforms or an entry fee into a pay-to-play tournament. There are endless amounts of reasons as to why a fundraiser might be needed, but it’s always important to make it an effective and well-liked fundraiser. As most of us who have had to take part in different fundraisers, not every option is a popular one. However, there are some common fundraising methods than remain ever-popular, such as sponsored marathons and raffle competitions. Raffles, for example, can be wildly successful, so these cheap raffle prize ideas might give you some inspiration. Below you can find some of the most utilized and highly profitable fundraisers your team, club, or organization might want to consider taking part in.

1. Good Clean Fundraising

This company runs a laundry detergent fundraiser that’s been extremely profitable and popular amongst its users. While it sounds a little non-traditional, it’s proven better results than the fundraisers you see each year in schools across the country. The idea of this fundraiser is that the members of the group are selling something that everyone wants and needs. Good Clean Fundraising sells it’s 5 gallon bucket of high quality laundry detergent for much cheaper per ounce than the going retail rate. Small groups have been able to raise between $3,000-$5,000 in just a few weeks. Large groups multiply that profit by almost 5 with a whopping $25,000 in profits in just a couple of weeks.

2. Travel Mug Fundraiser

You’re much more likely to get someone to donate money to your cause if you’re able to give them something in return. This specific fundraiser can earn your group up to 75% in profits with no upfront money needed. The logo on the travel mugs and tumblers can be custom made so that they match your group logo. The logo will be laser engraved into the mug for the highest quality design you can get. The minimum order is 25 mugs, but they’ve become very popular amongst just about every population, so you shouldn’t have much trouble selling them.

3. Candle Fundraiser

The candle fundraiser can be hit or miss, so watch out with this one. Candles can be extremely popular among the holidays, but they’re much more popular among women than they are men. There’s also a ton of brand loyalty when it comes to candles, so if you’re not using a brand like Yankee, you might have a hard time maximizing your profits. Also, though many people like candles, not every one does. If you’re strictly selling candles, it’s important to know your audience before going through with the fundraiser.

4. Chocolate Bar Fundraiser

When candy is involved, you can expand your target audience to people who don’t even know you or your organization. Many students bring their box of chocolate bars to school and sell them in the cafeteria. It’s a great way to a ton of people who not only want to support you, but who also want a candy bar! There are a ton of different companies that will ship you boxes of chocolate for the purpose of re-selling. Most of the time, you will have to put money out up front for the candy bars, and then you keep the money you make off of them during your fundraiser.

5. Car Wash Fundraiser 

This kind of fundraiser is especially popular amongst athletic teams. It’s a cheap way to get your team together for a few hours of bonding as well as make money. All you need is a hose, some soap for cars, sponges, and dry rags. You don’t have to be professionals to charge $5 for a quick rinse. If you are from a close knit community or your organization is well-known in the neighborhood, you’d be surprised how many people will come out with their cars to support you.

6. Gourmet Popcorn Fundraiser

This fundraiser is another foodie’s favorite. This specific fundraiser has 10 different popcorn flavors in which you can choose from. You don’t have to put any money up out front, yet you still manage to hit as high as 70% profits. All you have to do is have your participants tell you what they want from the catalog and hand in a check with their order. Once you’ve placed the order with the popcorn company the turnaround period is just 2 weeks. That means you’ll have happy customers and money in your organizations account in just a couple of weeks.

7. Chain Restaurant Fundraiser

There are many chain restaurants that will help your organization by donating a potion of their proceeds to your group. Usually, you would have to come to an agreed upon date and time of the fundraiser that’s going to take place at the chain restaurant. The people who you get to come eat at the establishment will be helping your cause simply by going out for their meal. The restaurant will donate an agreed upon amount of the check to your cause. Some of these chains include Applebee’s Arby’s, Boston Market, Chili’s, The Cheesecake Factory, California Pizza Kitchen, and Chipotle.

There are a ton of different non-profit fundraising campaigns options you can choose from whether you decide to go through a company or get creative on your own terms. You could have a one day bake sale, a clothing drive, or offer your organization up to perform a service for donations for the day. The possibilities are endless, but they’ll only be as effective as your people make it. It’s important to set goals before starting your fundraiser and to make sure everyone is all in.

Best of luck!

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