Which Financial Products Can You Sell on the GroMo App & Earn Commissions?

GroMo App

GroMo Application

GroMo is one of the leading fintech mobile application platforms that enables its individuals to earn money by selling financial products. Two IIT Delhi pass-outs started this fintech platform in 2019, aiming at better penetration of financial literacy and financial products throughout the country. Moreover, you can also become a Certified Financial Adviser by doing a small certification course available on the app. You can make money online without investing by selling financial products online using your smartphone. Download the app from the Google Play Store and sign up to become a GroMo partner. By successfully becoming a GroMo partner, you will have access to various financial products that you can refer to others and make money online.

You must recommend financial products to others, and you will be paid a commission on each successful sale. However, it is essential to understand that you should know about the particular financial product you are referring to potential customers. Moreover, the application platform provides you with knowledge through live webinars and video lessons that you can further use to sell financial products. The more information you have about a financial product, the more your chances of having conversions. Resulting in more commissions.

Financial Products That You Can Sell Using GroMo Mobile Earning Platform!

You can sell multiple products using the GroMo application, including insurance, credit cards, savings accounts, Demat accounts, investments, loans, and lines of credit. GroMo includes financial products from the top banks and financial institutions in India. The following are the financial products that you can sell using the GroMo mobile earning platform.

1. Insurance Products

To sell insurance products in India, you need to become a POS agent and then sell insurance products to earn commissions on every successful sale. Using the GroMo money-earning platform, you can become a POS agent too and sell insurance products to make money online. There are multiple types of insurance products that you can refer using this application platform, ranging from motor insurance to health and life insurance. You can sell all of them. GroMo helps you become a POS agent by providing you with the required knowledge and registration formalities, after which you can quickly sell financial products and earn commissions online. With zero investment, you can become a financial advisor, sell insurance products to potential customers, and earn commissions. All of this with the help of a single mobile application platform.

2. Credit Cards

Credit cards are an excellent financial product that can even help in increasing your credit score. You can apply for more than one credit card simultaneously if you can pay the associated fees and charges. However, with GroMo, you can sell credit cards online and earn commissions on every successful transaction. Just download the mobile application and register using your bank account and KYC information to become a GroMo partner. Once you’ve become a GroMo partner, you can easily refer to the list of credit cards available on the application to earn money online. Using your mobile phone, you can start your own business online with zero investment.

A wide range of credit cards from numerous banks is available over the application so that you can sell and earn commissions. However, it is essential to understand that every card has different benefits and associated features that you need to convey to potential customers to build a better relationship. Once the potential customer understands all the terms and conditions of the financial product, it becomes easy to sell it.

3. Savings Account

Unlike credit cards, these financial products might not provide you with tremendous commissions but are comparatively easy to sell. You can sell multiple savings accounts ranging from different banks to earn commissions. However, understanding the terms and conditions of the savings account can be beneficial and can come in handy to make sales. As soon as the potential customer opens their savings account from your reference and makes their first transaction, you will receive your commission in your respective bank account.

4. Demat Account

GroMo enables you to sell Demat accounts ranging from multiple financial institutions to earn commissions. You can become a GroMo partner by registering using your bank and KYC details. You can select Demat accounts from the list of financial products and refer them. Every successful sale transaction will entitle you to receive a commission for that particular transaction. Whenever someone opens a Demat account from your referral link and makes their first transaction,you will receive the commission in your bank account.


Above are a few financial products you can sell using the GroMo application. Just download the GroMo mobile application today and earn by selling these financial products. After downloading the money-making application from the Google Play Store. You need to register using your bank account and basic KYC details to become a GroMo partner and sell financial products. If you are also willing to earn money online with zero investment, you can download the GroMo mobile application platform today and start earning.

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