Top 6 Online Car Insurance Companies in Dubai

Best Car Insurance Dubai

Car Insurance Companies in Dubai

Investing to buy a quality car is important, but making sure that the investment is safe is also a decision that has yet to be made. When the point comes to secure the investment, this is where auto insurance comes in.

Are you the motorists who are driving in the United Arab Emirates? If yes, then car owners would probably know the necessity of having an insurance policy. So, Whether you are driving luxury cars, passenger cars, or commercial trucks, car insurance is mandatory for everyone. Moreover, the auto insurance company in Dubai defends the vehicle owners by preventing financial losses, if their car happens to incur any mishap or damage due to unfavorable circumstances.

It is human nature that people are prone to comparing any given thing to its many variants. In the same case, having a wide list of car insurance companies is difficult for us when we don’t know exactly where to get our car insured.

So, in this article, we have enlisted the list of the best car insurance companies in Dubai, UAE. Furthermore, this article will also touch on the details of car insurance.

Best Car Insurance Companies in Dubai

1. PitStopArabia Car Insurance Provider

PitStopArabia is the most trusted online auto insurance company in UAE that provides financial and legal counseling to vehicle owners. To help them find a reliable and right insurance company, PitStopArabia connects them with a vast network of insurance coverage providers in the UAE based on their needs and risk capacity.

  • AXA Car Insurance in Dubai
  • Adamjee Insurance Company UAE
  • Aman Insurance Company
  • Union Insurance Company Dubai

 Also, being one of the best insurance networks in the UAE, their company employees strictly adhere to the insurance laws and policies.

2. AXA Car Insurance

AXA is the top largest and most reputable insurance company in the UAE that globally holds the top rank. Undoubtedly, it provides both third-party and comprehensive insurance to vehicle owners for their cars.

If any of you avail of the online insurance from online portals, then you will get the offer of a 10% discount. The company also gives the insurance of RTA inspection if it is needed. Furthermore, they also provide some additional benefits like 24/7 road-assistance service to the car repair centers in case of a claim.

AXA insurance company offers the following services:

  • Car insurance
  • Home insurance
  • Business Insurance
  • Health Insurance

3. OMAN Insurance Company

More than 30 years have been passed, the Oman insurance company is providing car insurance in UAE. Whether it a is commercial vehicle or a daily commute, the company offers both third-party insurance and a comprehensive insurance policy. They give you normal coverage options along with some extra beneficial offers like.

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  • 24/7 pick and drop service.
  • Repair service at repair workshop for up to 3 years.
  • Protection from natural disasters.
  • Third-party claim damage – its insurance damage would be up to 3,500,000 AED.
  • Offers personal accidental coverage for both drivers and passengers up to 200,000 AED.

This company not only offers car insurance but also life insurance as well as other forms you can use.

4. Adamjee Insurance Company Limited

Adamjee is one of the top listed insurance companies offering a variety of insurances, which includes:

  • Vehicle Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Agriculture Insurance, etc

Additionally, Adamjee Insurance company provides comprehensive insurance with maximum compensation for accidental damage and third-party liability.

5. Union Insurance Company

Union Insurance company was established in 1998 and is headquartered in Dubai. They offer comprehensive insurance and commercial insurance to the customers in UAE and the Middle East. With Union Insurance, you can experience a hassle-free journey from insurance agents and garages with discount prices. Moreover, not only do they offer insurance, but also provides additional benefits to their clients, like:

  • Roadside assistance
  • Pickup and drop service
  • Quick repair service

Apart from all of this, one can use the high-value offers, such as:

  • Changing the locks
  • Repair of Damaged Windshield
  • Parking theft

6. Salama Islamic Arab Insurance Company Dubai

Salama is a Takaful Insurance Company located in Dubai, UAE. They offer their services to individual and corporate clients throughout the global network. The company offers solutions to customers in Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Egypt, and its all subsidiaries. The company provide comprehensive car insurance to car owners if they face any kind of loss or damage to their car due to the following reasons

  • Burglary or theft
  • Accidents or mechanical failures
  • Fire, hail storm, self-ignition, etc.

Types of Car Insurance

  • Third-Party Insurance

Third-party liability car insurance is made to cover the damages caused to the third party if you are at fault. The insurance covers damages that have been caused to the third-party vehicle as well the injuries sustained by the third party. However, this policy does not cover the damages of your vehicle or injuries that you sustained in a car accident.

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  • Comprehensive Insurance

In the UAE, a Comprehensive car insurance policy is used to provide comprehensive coverage for your car. It covers the damages from both inside and outside. It covers your car against damages caused by

  • Sudden road accidents – Whether it is your fault or not
  • Loss of third parties
  • Natural disasters – earthquakes, floods, etc.
  • Man-made disasters – such as fire, riots, and terrorism

Additionally, most comprehensive car insurance policies in Dubai and elsewhere in the UAE include extra benefits like..

  • Personal accident insurance
  • Emergency expenses coverage
  • New car replacement or repairs.

Why Do We Need Car Insurance?

Why Do We Need Car Insurance

  1. Self Protection: The main reason for people to get insurance is that for the sake of personal safety. In case, if any of you experience an accident, the company will cover all your medical bills and damages that have been occurred to your car.
  2. Car safety: If you own a car, you should buy car insurance as it will help you cover for repairs and replacement whenever your vehicle gets damaged in an accident, or because of any other reasons.
  3. Protection for Passengers: Getting car insurance is not only beneficial for personal and vehicle protection but also for the passengers that could be involved in a car accident.
  4. Secure Yourself Financially: In case an accident occurred, the expenses related to it can be a heavy burden, such as medical bills, repairing costs, and property damage. But, having vehicle insurance can ease the burden and makes it easier to cover everything.

How Can You Find Affordable Car Insurance Policy in Dubai?

To find affordable car insurance in Dubai, take the following steps:

  1. First and foremost, get your no-claims discounts.
  2. Choose your optional add-ons.
  3. Increase surplus.
  4. Check for discounts and special offers before making any decisions.
  5. Avoid making modifications to your vehicle.
  6. Find out if there are discounts for multi-autos.
  7. Find an indirect way to save money.
  8. Make sure you have Third-Party Liability (TPL) insurance.

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Additional Covers Auto Insurance Companies Provides in Dubai, UAE

To enhance the scope of coverage, a few innovative features and some additional offers can be purchased along with the basic insurance plan. Here’s a list of riders that might be worth adding to your existing plan.

  1. Personal Accident Coverage: This option provides benefits to the driver as well as any passengers who die or are injured in an accident.
  2. Off-road coverage: A coverage that ensures protection against off-road mishaps
  3. Coverage for windshield damage
  4. Quick repairs from an agency
  5. Car Hire Cover: If you buy a Covered Car Hire cover, the insurance provider will compensate you for the cost of hiring a spare car. Some UAE insurance companies offer courtesy cash to drivers while their vehicles are being repaired.
  6. Providing 24/7 roadside assistance
  7. Medical coverage for personal belongings and emergencies
  8. Third-party coverage has been expanded
  9. Pickup and drop-off from and to airports are free
  10. Natural Disaster Coverage
  11. Renewing a car’s insurance policy within the given period.
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