How to Become an Investor Without Money?

Start Investing Without Money

Start Investing Without Money

During the quarantine period, everyone faced enormous financial difficulties.  Many were left without work, money, and projects. The offline business was the first to face all the difficulties, but what happened to online business?  Everyone understands perfectly well that this area has blossomed. It is in the online business that many have been able to become investors. How did this happen, you ask? Very simple. We can say that a new kind of investor has just appeared.  Investor of ideas.

Imagine a situation

Two men decided to contribute to projects. The first man decided to invest his money in the development of a new store. The second man decided to invest his knowledge in the development of an application for food delivery and in the future give it to people who can make a big project out of this and pay him an interest in the future. Who has won? The answer is obvious.

You and I are used to perceiving an investor as a person who invests exclusively in  their finances, but this is quite primitive. “Investor” and “money” are not synonymous. It’s one thing when a person has finances but does not have the correct understanding of how they can be used, so he invests them in projects in which he simply believes and hopes. Another situation is when a person does not have these finances, but there is a clear picture of how this project can be implemented and how the market can be “blown up” with just one idea.

In one of the books, there is an example of investing without investing your own funds. The point was if you want to invest in real estate, find a deal.

I think that many do not understand how this is possible. But, since it is written since the author has passed this path, my friend decided to use his experience. He began to look for a deal on the land market, carefully studying the offers: he looked at prices, areas, land categories. At some point, he felt that he was already able to evaluate lucrative offers. And one day he found an ad in which the price of land was several times less than the market value. Finding people willing to buy at market price or just below market was not difficult. He bought plots for his clients, immediately earning money on them. These were different deals, but he bought the land from the same source.

At the initial stage, while he still did not understand anything about investments, for him it was the best option. If without the skill, he immediately began to invest money, his own or someone else’s, it would be a big risk. Instead, he found deals, in which case he could only lose his time. Neither his nor someone else’s wallet could suffer here.

How does this experience relate to the stock market, securities, precious metals, and everything else associated with investment? First, the same approach – first, thoroughly study everything, and secondly, without experience, conduct a transaction with minimal risk.

This example makes it even clearer that if you understand the system, you will understand the rest. Invest your knowledge, your experience, and your skills and then turn it into real money. It is not for nothing that they always say that the best investments are investments in oneself and here no one even thinks about money.

You can be your own investor when you study, read books, or connect with people whose experience can help you in the future.

Let’s continue the conversation further. For example, you are in the company of musicians but they have not yet become popular. Offer them a promotion strategy, record a song, and take advantage of auditions with a recruiting service. Your investment here is promotion.

After a while of selling your ideas that are worth noticing, they will return to you in money with your knowledge, you can only increase them.

How do you turn ideas into money?

Often, people who want to achieve success, become wealthier and, as a consequence, more successful and happier, have many different ideas. But the problem is that not everyone knows how these ideas can ultimately be turned into money. It turns out that as many as six stages of such a transformation have been identified, which we will share with you.

Stage 1- Define a Goal The first step is that you must define your goal. If you do not know what you want, then where to go, for what work? Reading business books, I clearly caught one interesting idea. Almost every coach advises to set goals for yourself, and this should be a priority task, without which further development is impossible.  Since we are talking about money today, you must set a specific goal for yourself in the form of a cash equivalent.  Many people say: “I want to earn a lot.” And “a lot” is how much? Where are the specifics, where is the awareness of how much you need? Don’t be afraid of your desires. Do you want to make $ 5,000 a month, or maybe all ten? Say this number, believe that it is real and it will not be difficult to earn it. Once I also thought that $ 3,000 a month is not realistic for me, given that the average salary in my city is $ 500. But once I set a specific goal, I believed in what I was doing. Now $ 3,000 already seems to be something common and you want to earn more to meet your growing needs.

Stage 2- If you have a promising, but rather a bare idea, then you need to understand that at some point you will have to sacrifice something in order to realize your plan. Be honest with yourself and tell me, what sacrifices are you willing to make in order to achieve your goals and start earning? Give up watching TV, spend less time on social networks, work on a clear schedule, without being distracted by all sorts of little things. As the saying goes: “You can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs.” No matter how hard you try, at the very beginning of your business path, you will have to give up something, sacrificing the usual foundations of life.

Stage 3-  Let’s say you’ve learned the first two stages. We have clearly set a goal for ourselves to earn 3000 dollars, you know what concessions you will have to make and what to refuse. But now one more question – what is the term? Will it be $ 3,000 per week, month, quarter, year? You must clearly understand your desires because, without logical awareness, the effect will be minimal, if at all. Let’s say you decide to earn $ 1,000 in the first month, $ 2,000 in the second, and reach a level of at least $ 5,000 per month by the end of the year. This is clear planning.  Also, try to describe what and how it will bring you money. Of course, such a plan will only be a plan, and it is highly likely that in the process of work, the paths to achieving the set goals may change. But, in fact, no matter which way you go, the main thing is to achieve a result.

Stage 4- This stage is no longer as virtual as the previous ones. You know what you want, you know what you are ready to give up in order to achieve the goal, you know in what time frame you are going to implement your plan.  The theoretical part is over, now it’s worth moving on to the practical. Make a clear plan, imagine how you will gradually carry out everything conceived. The most important thing is to start implementing the first point of the plan, not to postpone it “until tomorrow” or “until better times.” Many will say that at the moment they are not yet ready to implement their plans, that they need more time to decide, understand, figure out. A couple of months ago I read an interview with the founder of Google, Sergey Brin, where he advised all young entrepreneurs to act, and not wait for a good moment. Brin said: “As long as you think, competitors are launching a project, while you are in doubt, they test the beta version and make the first mistakes, while you decide, they attract the first investors. And now the moment has come when you are ready to start, but the competitors have long been a thousand steps ahead. ”

Stage 5- Write everything down on paper. The plan should be detailed. You will see that the more detailed it is, the more faith in yourself and your purpose will be.

Stage 6- And the last step in turning your goal into money is to repeat your intentions every day. I don’t know how you will do it, but I will tell you how I will implement this stage. Every day, before going to bed, I thank all the opportunities that were given to me, for those people whom I met today, for everything that brought me one step closer to my goal. You have to believe in yourself every day, in your dream and thank you for everything that happens. And waking up in the morning, barely opening my eyes, I send the intention that this day will be wonderful, that it will be filled with opportunities and prospects that I will only meet.

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