Axis Global Equity Alpha Fund of Fund- Regular Plan

Axis Global Equity Alpha Fund of Fund


An open-ended fund of fund is a mutual fund which involves the pooling of the money from the investors to invest in a variety of securities. These funds can be used to invest in domestic and international funds. The experienced fund manager manages all the funds. In the long run, investments in these funds provide you with better ROI. One of the best things about open-ended funds is the flexibility of accessing liquidity without any restriction.

What is Axis Global Equity Alpha Fund of Fund?

Axis Global Equity Alpha Fund of Fund is an open-ended fund of fund equity scheme which allows investors to invest in global securities. This scheme has gained huge popularity in the market because it is managed by the Schroders Global Equities team based in London.

Indian investors who are looking to invest in global securities can opt for this scheme to  get  exposure to the global market and achieve long-term financial goals,

While India is known as one of the fastest growing projected economies, all equity investment opportunities occur in the sunrise market that is not found in the Indian market. India holds only 3% of the global market share.

It’s the right time to diversify overseas.

This fund gives you a unique opportunity to ride on the global expertise of Schroders.

About Schroder International Selection Fund Global Equity Alpha

Schroder is a global investment manager which operates in 37 locations and has over 400 fund managers across the globe. It is the world-class investment management firm which helps intuitions, intermediaries and individuals by actively managing their funds. This firm has been managing the assets of the investors for 200 years. Now, by holding 25% stakes in the AMC Axis, it is allowing Indian investors to diversify overseas.

Investors who are actively looking for an opportunity to participate in the global market can opt for the Axis Global Equity Alpha Fund of Fund.

The significant advantage you will get when you invest in the global market through Axis Global Equity Alpha Fund of Fund is that it can provide both diversification and return enhancement. So, to build a profitable portfolio and gain the opportunities of the global market, it is advisable to consider the scheme.

This scheme will surely help achieve a long term financial goal on time. Being an open-ended fund, it allows investors to access liquidity without any restrictions. All in all, it is an ideal scheme for investors who want to gain an unrestricted global market investment experience.

Who can invest in the Axis Global Equity Alpha Fund of Fund?

Investors who want to spend in the global equities can choose Axis Global Equity Alpha FOF. This fund scheme is giving Indian investors a chance to invest in the overseas market. The NFO of the Axis Global Equity Alpha FOF opens for subscription on 4 September and closes on 18 September 2020.

This open-ended equity scheme is suitable for investors who are looking for.

  • Capital appreciation over the longer term.
  • Investment in the global market to diversify a portfolio.

Investing merely Rs 5000 in the global market through Axis Global Equity Alpha FOF is the best way to accomplish long-term investment goals.

Reasons to Invest in the Axis Global Equity Alpha Fund of Fund

There are so many routes to invest in the international market. But, Axis Global Equity Alpha FOF is one of the easiest one. It provides long term capital gain by allowing investors to invest in global equities.

When it comes to investing, all financial specialists have to deal with “home inclination”. This term refers to the fact that we prefer to invest in our home country. But, to increase wealth and improve the performance of the portfolio, we should consider the global market.

There are so many ways to boost investment portfolios, so how Axis Global Equity Alpha Fund of Fund is different?

Axis Global Equity Alpha Fund of Fund would ensure geographic distribution of the equity risk. However, this reason is not enough to convince you to choose this product. Read some other reasons that are listed below-

1. Exposure to global growth opportunities

Every Indian investor wants to invest in international funds. The significant reason behind this is an impressive wealth creation opportunity. The new love for international funds is also related to the disappointment with the Indian market. Geographic diversification has a new ray of hope to the Indian investors that they can achieve long-term investment goals.

2. Reduce Risk 

The diversification of the portfolio reduces the risk characteristics. The Axis Global Equity Alpha Fund of Fund gives you a chance to invest in the multi-asset classes. When you invest in the developed market, the chances of facing risk will get minimized.

3. An array of Opportunities

When you step into the global market, you will go beyond the local options. The Axis Global Equity Alpha Fund of Fund enables you to invest in the offerings that are not available in the Indian market. It is difficult for investors to balance a risk-return characteristic when they invest in the Indian market. When you invest in this fund you can enhance returns and reduce risk.

4. Schroder Investment Edge 

Schroder has made its renowned reputation in investment planning globally. Right from the equity, fixed income to private assets, it has best-in-class reach.

The fund has reputed performers in its top 10 holdings, Microsoft Corp, Visa Inc, Amazon. Com, JB Morgan and so on. This kind of reach provides an excellent opportunity to step into the global market.

Some of the fund’ salient features include

  • The fund allows you to invest in the different assets classes, which can improve the risk-return characteristics.
  • Investors can use bottom-up fundamental research to find out the high growth companies.
  • It is managed by the world-class asset management firm, Schroder.


Diversification of the portfolio, managed by the Schroder and allows you to invest in the international funds are some of the best reasons to invest in the Axis Global Equity Alpha Fund of Fund.

If you really want to make your investment game to be strong, then you should consider Axis Global Equity Alpha Fund of Fund.

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