It is regarded as an item or asset which is purchased with the hope that it is going to generate income or is going to appreciate in future. In an economic sense, an investment is considered as purchasing of the goods which are not getting consumed today but are used in future for creating wealth. In finance, it is an investment with monetary part purchased with an idea that the asset is going to provide income in future or is going to be sold on the higher price to gain profit. It could be used for the mechanism of purpose of generating income. In the financial sense, it is going to include the financial bonds, real estate properties and stocks.  The investment with regards to development of new goods could be also considered as one of the investment. Read here news and articles to get latest updates on investment options.

Pros and Cons of Investing in Company Fixed Deposit

Fixed Deposits (FD) Fixed deposits (FD) are very popular investment options in India, because they provide stable returns with lower risks. However, not all FDs are the same. They can […]

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5 Important Steps of Investment Process

Investment Management Process When we speak of investment, I am sure most of you would think of investing in some fixed deposit or a property or some of you would […]

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5 Investment Ideas for Beginners in 2018

Investment Tips for Beginners The first quarter of the year 2018 is almost over, and you have some extra cash to invest. Perhaps you got a bonus or a raise, […]

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7 Best Short-Term Investment Options You May Have Missed

Short Term Investment Options “Think about the long term” said every investor ever. Everyone knows that investing money with the future in mind is wise, but sometimes you just do […]

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7 Factors You Must Know Before Investing in Gold

Gold Investment in India Indians go gaga over gold ornaments. As per a research, over 16,000 tons of gold is stored in Indian households in the form of jewelry. The […]

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Should You Invest in LIC New Jeevan Nidhi- Know Details

Maintaining the standard of living seems difficult after retirement. There is no source of income; you have to live on whatever you have saved throughout your life. Your life’s savings […]

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Invest in Best HDFC Mutual Fund Schemes Online

HDFC Mutual Funds SIP Schemes HDFC AMC Ltd. (HDFC Asset Management Company) was founded on December 10, 1999. It was later authorized the status of the Approved AMC for HDFC […]

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5 Things You Should Know Before Buying an Endowment Plan

If you are thinking of buying a life insurance plan you must be aware that there are different types of plans available in the market. Different plans have different features […]

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Best LIC Money Back Policy to Invest in 2017

Life assurance or Life Insurance is an agreement between a life insurance company and policyholder wherein the insurance company promises to pay a definite amount to the beneficiary or the […]

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Know the Best Investment Schemes for Senior Citizens in India

Investment Options for Senior Citizens It is a good news to know that most of the senior citizens today are much better placed and financially independent than they were some decades […]

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