Child Future

It’s one of the plan which is specially designed for meeting the marriage, educational and growing requirements of the child.  It provides risk cover for the child not only during the plan term but also during the term of extension which includes many years after the policy expires. The sum assured could be selected from the options available which are- Maturity age, term of policy, payment mode for the payment and the benefit from the premium waiver. Further there are options of paying premium which could be done -either half-yearly, yearly, quarterly or via salary deductions. They may be paid either for 5 or 6 years before the policy term. Further, there are numerous options, through which individuals could compare numerous policy. There are paradigm changes in the overall thought process of individuals as now they don’t distinguish between their kids, whether boy or girl. Read here recent articles and news on child future planning.

Why Financial Planning is Necessary for Your Child

As a parent, you must want your child to have higher education. But higher education is expensive. The fees at colleges are so high these days that many middle-class parents […]

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L&T Mutual Funds Lets Your Little One Dream Higher

L&T Mutual Fund Scheme A child brings in unfathomable joy and happiness. Every time you look at your children, you dream of giving them the best of both worlds. Securing […]

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Secure Your Child for Life with Child Life Insurance

Invest to Secure Your Child’s Future As soon as the school reopened this year, I received circular from my children’s school which read about how important is life insurance for […]

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Why Child Education Plans Have Become A Necessity?

Financial security is one of the most important requirements that we need to have in our lives. There are several things such as marriage, as well as higher education of […]

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5 Best Child Insurance Plans in India

The increasing inflation in India has truly made the upbringing of a kid troublesome and difficult for parents. To deal with this situation there are two options available – either […]

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Follow 5 Best Ways to Secure Your Child’s Future

Best Ways to Secure Your Child’s Future As a parent, you must have a desire to give your child the best of education by getting him enrolled in the top-most […]

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Seven Best Options That Can Secure Your Child’s Future

Invest in Child’s Future A parent can do anything for their children to give them the best when it comes to their education, marriage, etc. and thus, savings becomes a […]

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5 Reasons Why to Buy Life Insurance for Your Child?

A proper child planning includes a lot of brain storming by parents. Most parents wonder whether buying a life insurance for their children is beneficial or not. As in today’s […]

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