They are usually an involuntary fee which is levied corporations or individuals which are enforced via the government entity, whether regional, local or national in order to the finance government activities. In the economy taxes does falls on whomsoever pays the burden of the tax, it could be either entity which is being taxed, or the end consumers of the business goods. They are levied by the states upon their corporations and citizens to fund services of public and works.  Payment of the taxes are compulsory and tax evasions, if the taxes are not paid on time, they are punishable by the law. The payment of taxes could also be done online with easy steps. Some of the common kind of taxes are- GST, Property Tax, Income Tax, tariff, excise duty, Stamp duty etc. However, the taxes do vary according to the nations. Besides conventional taxes, there are other taxes which have been introduced recently as- Swatch Bharat Cess Tax, Infrastructural cess tax and Kalyan Cess Tax etc. Read here tax planning related articles & news and plan your tax savings investment.

Demonetization Effect: ITR Filing Rise by 25% Last Year

25% Growth in ITR Filing The period between March 2017 and August 2017 saw a rise in filing of income tax returns by 25 % over corresponding last year period. […]

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10 Most Important Income Tax Updates From FY 2017-18

New Income Tax Laws in India You must be aware of the latest changes in income tax regulations from` FY 2017-18 as this can affect your financial planning in future. […]

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Health Insurance Tax Benefits – Deduction Under Section 80D

Section 80D- Tax Savings on Health Insurance Nowadays, it is common for families to opt for all kinds of insurances. The fact that it gives a kind of assurance to the […]

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Things to Remember When Dealing With IRS Tax Issues

“Paying tax is not a punishment. It is a responsibility.” – Chris Matthew IRS Tax Problems When dealing with tax issues in USA, it is important to take the process seriously. […]

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What Should You Know About E Filing Income Tax 2018

Income Tax Return E Filing Every individual whose total income comes in the taxable slab should file income tax return according to the section of 139(1) of Income Tax Act, […]

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Top 5 Website for Filing Income Tax Returns Online In India

Best Online Tax Filing Service India Salaried individuals or business owners, everyone needs to file their income tax returns before the due date. It is mandatory under the law to […]

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Looking to Save Tax on House Rent Allowance?

Tax Savings on HRA There are various avenues from the government to save tax on the income. The deductions allowed are on investments in instruments allowed in Section 80C, Section […]

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How Your Income Tax is Calculated Ahead of the Budget

A working class salaried individual always has a knot in his/her stomach when it comes to taxation. It is one of our civic responsibilities that we swallow with a pinch […]

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5 Things to Keep in Mind When E-Filing Income Tax Returns

Online Income Tax Return Filing The process of filing income tax returns is done every year; however, paying some caution and diligence while filing the ITR will go a long […]

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Only 0.39% Farmers in India Eligible to Pay Income Tax

Income tax in India, as in all developing countries, is a fraught topic. Ghana, for instance, has revealed in their new budget a determination to widen the tax base. With […]

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