The government imposes a tax on taxable income for all persons who are individuals, firms, companies or local authorities and the percentage of tax levied on each is different. Income tax is a key source to generate fund to serve the people, It is the biggest revenue mobilizer source for the government. Each and every person or organization should pay the taxes, it helps to develop country and make successful to many projects for the betterment of country. Here are income tax related news and article which can help you.

11 Useful Income Tax Deductions for 2017-18

Tax Saving Options in 2017-18 Knowledge about income tax deductions is not only helpful for individuals but also for Companies, Individual firms and a Hindu United Family (HUF). You would […]

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What is Taxable and Nontaxable Income

Taxable and Nontaxable Income in India Beyond a certain annual income, you need to pay a percentage of tax on your income. This differs with differing gender, age, whether you […]

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Tax-saving tips for buying and selling a property

A house is a necessity for every human being.  We strive endless, to achieve the goal for ourselves, by making savings regularly, by taking home loans, and through other means. […]

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Tax on Pension Income: Computation of Amount Exempted

In most cases, employees are paid a certain amount in lieu of the services provided by him or her to their respective employers, upon retirement. This amount is paid periodically […]

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Avoid Penalty for late filing of income tax return

Income tax return is a tool for the government. It helps to assess nation’s wealth and plan out schemes and services accordingly. Consequently, the government will have a better idea […]

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Income Tax Calculator- How Much Will My Tax Refund Be This Financial Year?

A tax refund is a rebate on taxes, when the tax liability is less than the taxes paid for the given financial year. In such cases, taxpayers can get a […]

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Income Tax Declaration To Your Employer- 10 Changes You Should Be Aware Of

Income Tax Declaration In the beginning of every financial year, employees are asked for details like their investment in ELSS (Equity Linked Savings Schemes), insurance policies, house rent, home loan, […]

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No income tax for Saudi citizens, says Saudi Arabia finance minister

Saudi Arabia’s finance minister said on Sunday that citizens would not pay taxes on income and Saudi companies would not see their profits taxed under sweeping economic reforms being introduced […]

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Non-residents don’t need to quote Aadhaar for ITR filing, PAN

Non-residents will not have to quote Aadhaar or its enrolment ID for filing income tax returns (ITRs) or for securing permanent account numbers (PAN), the income tax department on Wednesday […]

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Filing income tax return? dont forget to claim benefits on reimbursements

Don’t forget to claim tax benefits on reimbursements It’s a common problem at the end of the financial year. The employer sets a deadline, usually March 15, as the last […]

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