Are you planning your retirement? Of course after several years of hard work, duty, jobs you will look forward it, you would surely want to relax. But it is not easy to live a happy life after retirement you need to plan a better retirement planning from now. How will you meet your savings with housing, medical, travel, food and other expenses, a smart financial planning will help you in your golden times. Read here some important tips and article which can help you to invest smartly.

Are You Ready For a Healthy Retirement?

Healthy Retirement Planning Youth knows no worry, feels no trouble, it is that stage of life where everything seems conquerable. Incredible confidence works within heart as muscles are strong and […]

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How to Open a New Pension System Account

National Pension Scheme (NPS) Old age is the most helpless time in a person’s life. It is that time of life when most people need someone to depend on, in […]

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Top 5 Ultimate Rules for Planning a Successful Retirement

How to Plan a Successful Retirement If employment marks the beginning of your financial independence, Retirement marks the end of it. Retirement is the time when you stop earning. So, […]

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What are Mutual Fund Pension Plans?

Pension scheme is a retirement plan which is bought to produce income after retirement. Due to similar functionality these annuity plans are also known as pension schemes. Pension or retirement […]

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How to Choose the Best Retirement Plan for Your Golden Years

Just like physical exercises are needed to maintain a healthy body, a smart planning is indispensable for maintaining a good financial health. Hence, an intelligent financial planning is what you […]

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Tax on Pension Income: Computation of Amount Exempted

In most cases, employees are paid a certain amount in lieu of the services provided by him or her to their respective employers, upon retirement. This amount is paid periodically […]

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Know the Best Investment Schemes for Senior Citizens in India

Investment Options for Senior Citizens It is a good news to know that most of the senior citizens today are much better placed and financially independent than they were some decades […]

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Reliance Retirement Fund – Equity Oriented Pension Scheme- Features & Review

Reliance Retirement Fund (RPF) RRF is an open-ended plan, which means that it is easy to get to for subscription and repurchase uninterruptedly. Plans like these do not have a […]

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Government Mulling a New Pension Scheme for High-Income Earners

New Pension Scheme (NPS) A provision was made in the year 2003 that the Central Civil Services (Pension) Rules are not applicable to the government personnel/employees hired after December 31, […]

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How to Calculate Pension Benefits

How to calculate your retirement benefits The Final Salary Arrangement – If yours Standard Pension Age is 60 years, your closing income benefits are a pension calculated by multiplying your […]

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