Want to Live Til You’re 90? Better Live Like a Life Insurer

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The life and health insurance industry used to be an unhealthy industry to work in.

Long hours, a drinking culture, and socialising with insurance advisers took its toll on the waistlines and fitness of the male-dominated industry.

But that’s all changed, and anyone wanting a model of how to live to a grand old age can find it in the sleek, fit heads of insurance companies.

The insurance wellness revolution is creating business opportunities, with health insurer Southern Cross poised to start marketing a corporate wellness programme based on its own Switch2well programme which 90 per cent of its employees take part in.

…Naomi Ballantyne, chief executive of partners’ life experienced the bad old days of the old life insurance industry….

Her health suffered, until just over a decade ago she, along with other high profile insurance leaders like Ralph Stewart, then chief executive of AXA, led a health and fitness revolution.

Both are now long distance runners.

“These large life insurance companies were predominantly, if not exclusively, run by older, Caucasian men,” she said.

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